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Back in December of last year, I got the idea that I wanted to do a race a month for all of 2012.  I’ve had a blast in all of my races so far and I even went a little crazy in April and did 4 races.  However, here it is June 30th and I have no race to recap for this month.  I almost did the Captrust 10k at the beginning of June but to be honest, my racing budget was bone dry.  I splurged in April with all of those races and in then I depleted my race money with what is turning out to be the best money I’ve ever spent as far as running goes.  So….here’s my June recap for you.  Welcome to “Run-Walk-Run.”

On May 12th, I shook hands with an Olympian, and joined the world of Galloway runners.











I had run the Clayton Road Race that morning so I ended up arriving a little late to the 2012 Galloway Kick-off.  Jeff Galloway was speaking as I slipped my sweaty self into one of the back seats in the auditorium.  The comment that made me sit up a little straighter and take notice was when he said that for every hour that you exercise, you add 2 hours to your lifespan.  Pretty cool huh?  There were many questions from the crowd and he answered each one with a passion that was such an inspiration to me.  One question came from an 86 year old lady.  She asked at what age should she stop running.  He told her to not worry.  She had many more miles ahead of her.  I have since learned that this woman’s name is Iris and I see her every Saturday.  Wow!  I want to be just like her when I’m in my 80’s.

I’ve been running since December of ‘09 and I trained for my first marathon all by myself using The Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer.  I had great success with this method and went from the couch to finishing the OBX marathon in November 2010 in just under 5 hours.  I was hooked.  I signed up right away for another marathon.  This time it was Wrightsville Beach.  For this training plan, I was first using the Hal Higdon Intermediate plan but the 5 day a week run schedule kicked my butt.  I modified it a bit and dropped it down to only 4 days a week.  The mileage was still pretty high.  I could do it and I was still having fun but let me just say that it is a HUGE time commitment.  I did shave 9 minutes off my time however afterwards, I was mentally spent!  That’s when I took a break from running.  I only slowed down for about 3 or 4 months but during that time, I gained 20 pounds back and developed plantar fasciitis.  The pounds and the injury slowed me way, way down.  That was the summer/fall of 2011 and since then, I have been struggling to get back to my 2010 running shape.  Nothing was working.  I had lost my focus.

Then comes Galloway and this is turning out to be exactly what I have needed.  I am learning that I may never see a 4:47 marathon again let alone the 4:30 that I have been dreaming of and that is ok.  Enjoying the run, making friends, and staying injury free are what I need to concentrate on.  I am a grandmother you know!

We meet up every Saturday morning rain or shine or in today’s case, sweltering heat.  Local running stores host our runs and they give us discounts on stuff we buy at their stores.


They also spoil us with ice cold water, bagels, and fruit after each run.  Here are today’s treats:

We have 450 Galloway runners here in the Raleigh area alone.  So you see, each Saturday is like a race in itself.  We break up in different pace groups and run on some of the most amazing routes you can imagine.  Last week we ran from Crabtree Mall past Shelley Lake on the Capital Area Greenway.  Today we ran on the American Tobacco Trail in Durham.

I joined the 10:30 pace group and was so pumped when I found out our pace group name was Wanna Beasts.  I do wanna be a beast so this was the place for me.

The Galloway method is a run, walk, run sequence.  In our pace group we run for 3 minutes and then walk for 1 minute.  By doing this, you will not believe how much better you feel.  I can remember back to some of my long runs in 2010 and afterwards all I could do is shower and make it to the couch.  That’s were I’d stay for the rest of the day.  Now, after our Saturday long runs, I’m rejuvenated and ready to take on my weekend.  The best thing of all with Galloway’s plan is that I actually can have a life now.  I only have to run two other days a week for 30 minutes.

Will it this low mileage plan work?  Will running only 3 days a week still give me the strength to make it 26.2?  We shall see.  Something tells me that it will.  I’ve already signed up for The City of Oaks full and I’m thinking very seriously about running Baltimore a few weeks before that.  And who knows?  Maybe the Virginia Beach Rock-n-Roll half and the Kiawah Island full medals might just end up on my wall this year too!

6 thoughts on “Run – Walk – Run

  1. Oh my gosh! I love it! Another blogger and Beast! We’ll have to run together and talk blogging when I return in August! I’ll be running with you guys in spirit until then! xo p.s. Have you considered the Miami full? I’m signed up and will be running with another blogger/friend whom I’ve never met (!

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