4 on the Fourth

When I realized that the 4th would be on a Wednesday, I had a good suspicion that someone might be hosting a race.  My Galloway runs are on Saturdays and I really don’t want to miss them.  I do however want to see if I can keep up my commitment for a race a month for all of 2012, so I jumped on a cute little race called, “4 on the Fourth.”

This race was held in Carrboro, NC just down the road from UNC-Chapel Hill.  When I drove in the parking lot there were so many volunteers directing traffic.  Right then and there I knew this cute little race that I had found on the internet was not a little race at all.  This was a very big deal indeed.

I got registered in plenty of time and really enjoyed people watching before the race.  Runners come in all ages, shapes, and sizes.  Running is loved by so many.

They played the national anthem and after that they directed everyone to the starting line.  As we walked to get in line, the theme from Rocky blasted on the speakers.  Loved it!

Then the gun went off and we all started down the road.  I spotted some Galloway groups but I decided to try and run as much as I could without walking.  The course was pretty flat but it did have a few rolling hills that weren’t that bad at all.  The finish line was on the track of a middle school.  As I was coming around the hill to descend to the track, the speakers were playing, We are the Champions.  How cool was that?

My time for the 4 miles was 43:13  and I felt that was pretty good considering the heat.  My only problem with my actual running was those 4 miles were pretty hard for me.  I get so depressed sometimes and really start to doubt myself.  I say things like, “Oh come on.  How can you even think of running another marathon when a little 4 miler is hard for you.”  I don’t know why I do this.  Now that I’m analyzing it, I’m guessing it’s the fact that I was running alone.  These thoughts never come into my head on my Galloway runs or runs with my friends.  I’ve just got to try my best to keep those negative thoughts at bay when I’m alone. 

Here are some shots of the race from my cell phone. 


Watermelon, oranges, granola bars, and popsicles!




Uh oh!  What are these dong here?


I had to have one!

Check out the lady and man in the red.  Notice the cooler and the sponges in their hands.  What they were doing was dipping the sponge in the ice cold water and wringing it out on runners’ necks.


I let them do it to me and after the initial shock, it felt so good!

They even had a recovery zone that was spraying water.


This race was hosted by the Cardinal Track Club and the proceeds went to very worthy charities.



I’m very glad that I found this race.

Happy Independence Day everyone!


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