Wonderful Read

The Help by Kathryn Stockett 

We did not have a maid when I was growing up.  And as an adult, I’ve only had someone clean my house one time in my life.  I come from a family of servers.  My mother was a waitress and homemaker her entire working life. 

I was a waitress too.  I worked at my uncle’s restaurant and my mother worked for my aunt.  When my girls were little, I cleaned houses so I could stay home with them.  

I have a lot more in common with Aibileen, Minny, Constantine, and Celia than any of the other characters in the book.  Well maybe not Minny.  But I wish I did.  

The cool thing to me was that I actually remember my aunt talking about “the help.”  She had some black ladies that worked as a cook and a dishwasher in her restaurant and that was how she always referred to them.  It wasn’t in a bad way.  Remel and Ms. Griffen were our friends. 

The setting of this story is in Mississippi in the years juuuust before I was born.  Growing up in central Florida, I was oblivious to everything that had happened and was still taking place.   My sisters talked about the civil rights movement sometimes but it never really meant anything to me.  I have never seen a color.  Only the person.  I thank God for this and my mother.    

The Help is beautifully written and a real page turner.  I loved every single chapter.  My very favorite story line was that of Ms. Celia.  So sad.  

As I said before, even if you have seen the movie, you will enjoy the book.  It is so good!


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