So-so to Super Seitan

Ok, out of the 8 enchiladas that I made on Monday night, I ate 5 of them.  I had them for lunch and dinner yesterday and again today for lunch.  So good!  They are gone now but I know I will make them again and again.

Ron cooked tonight and he made High-Protein Vegan “Beef” and Broccoli over Quinoa.  The “beef’ in this dish was a product called seitan which is a protein rich food made of wheat gluten.  We had seitan for the first time when we went to Eden’s last month.

Ron followed the recipe exactly as it is written and rated the ease of preparing it a 5 on a scale of 1-10.  Not too hard but not super quick and easy.  As far as taste, I can’t rate this meal very high.  I don’t know but there was something I didn’t really like.


It needed something.

It needed Bone Suckin’ Sauce!  (BSS)


My favorite BBQ sauce of all time!

Once I drizzled on some BSS, it was out of this world delicious.  I think next time we have “Beef” and Broccoli, I’ll just brown up the seitan and then add the BSS.  Served over the quick cooking quinoa, you’ve got a very easy, delicious, quick, and high-protein meal.

Seitan is a real powerhouse as far as vegan proteins.  It has 20-30 grams of protein in a 4 ounce serving.  Quinoa comes in at 11 grams per cup.  Even the broccoli has 5 grams of protein per cup.  In this one dish, I have almost all the protein I need in a day.

Then reason Ron cooked was that tonight we got a surprise visitor!


I played with Mason while Ron cooked and then after dinner we switched roles.  While I was cleaning up the kitchen, Ron and Mason were enjoying the bird clock.  Mason just loves that thing!

Here are a couple more shots of Mason that I snapped when I took him to the park the other week.



Isn’t he just adorable?!

I had to work a 15 hour day yesterday unexpectedly so I’m still in recovery mode.  Praying for a run tomorrow.

Night friends!

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