Wear your Sunscreen!

Early this morning, Ron and I left for UNC Hospital in Chapel Hill.  He was scheduled to have surgery on his face and arm for some squamous cell carcinoma.  What had happened was last year he had a place on his face removed.  Then a few weeks ago, he felt a lump under the skin right in the incision area of where they had removed the previous place.  His local dermatologist removed the lump but he was not able to get it all.

That’s where the specialists at UNC come in.



Today they removed more on his face and also a place off his arm.  Originally that had said that he would have to stay in the hospital overnight but the surgery went so well, he got to come home today.

The place on his arm was right in the bending area.  For that reason, he has to keep his arm perfectly straight for one week.  (He has it all wrapped up and in a splint.)  We go back to get the pathology report next Thursday.

Please keep him in your prayers as he recovers this week and also that the report shows no remaining cancer cells.

Ron was doing so well today when we got home, I really got to go about my day as normal.  Actually, it has been hard trying to keep him still.  I can’t convince him that he had a major surgery today and that he needs to relax.  My sister said his is functioning on adrenaline right now.  She’s probably right.  That and the pain meds.  LOL

My first order of business was to make Ron a protein smoothie.  They wanted him to start off with light things at first to see if he got an upset stomach.

He drank every last drop of a huge smoothie and then a couple hours later his appetite was ravenous.

I served him the delicious, No-Egg Salad.  I found this recipe on Peas and Thank You, one of my favorite food blogs.

Here it is in the bowl.


And now all dressed up on the scrumptious King’s Hawaiian Sandwich Roll.


This might be my favorite recipe all week.  It was SO good!

All you do is cut up some tofu, red peppers, and celery and then mix them together with some Vegenaise, mustard, salt and pepper.  The recipe said to put in two pickles but I substituted sweet relish.  Also, I didn’t buy the special tofu that was mentioned in the directions.  I used regular extra firm tofu and then added in a little turmeric.

Ron loved it and had 2 sandwiches!  I had one and then as I was putting the leftovers up I ended up making myself another one too.  At first I was thinking that this was a fattening food and that I had to eat in moderation.  Then I remembered that all it was was tofu and vegetables and that I literally could eat the whole bowl if I wanted to.  The second roll was a bit much but I’m planning on running 16 miles in the morning.

I reasoned that I was carb loading.  Smile

I’m a little worried about leaving Ron for so long tomorrow morning but he keeps assuring me that he is fine.  I’ll monitor him some more tonight before bed and then make my decision.  Andie came home from Wilmington this weekend and she offered to keep an eye out for her dad until I got home from the run.

So thankful to God that everything went so well today.

Night all!

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