Today’s recipe was Chickpea Fritters.  Ron was feeling more chipper today and helped me mix these up.

I found the recipe via No Meat Athlete, one our my favorite websites.  There aren’t many ingredients and all you do is mix them all up.  It said to refrigerate for 2 hours and then you could cut them into strips before frying.  We did put them in the fridge but they never really firmed up at all.  I ended up just forming them into small patties.

104_5796 (2)

Next you heat the oil in a skillet and fry them.  The recipe recommended EVOO but we used coconut oil.

104_5800 (2)

This is what they looked like in the frying pan.

104_5797 (2)

And now altogether with some mixed veggies.

104_5802 (2)

Ron loved his but this is one that I wasn’t crazy about.  They reminded me of potato pancakes.  What I can say for them is that they were very filling.  We ate not long after church today and I was satisfied the entire day.  It was close to 8:00pm before I was even thinking about eating again.

I’ve had a lot of fun showcasing these delicious vegan recipes and am ready to announce that as of 8-18-12, I am vegan.  I became a vegetarian on 8-18-10 but then veered away from it after 10 months.  After realizing that I felt the best in my life during those 10 months of vegetarianism, I converted back.  Now, I’m ready to take the next step.  I don’t think I’ll miss milk and eggs at all.  Cheese maybe.  However, with websites such as Oh She Glows and Peas and Thank You, I think I’ll do just fine.

I can’t wait to try this version of Mac and Cheese and these “cheese” stuffed bean burgers.

On the exercise front this week, I’ve got the super easy 5-5-6 in the run department.  What I’m really going to try to focus on are my non-running days.  Hoping to incorporate some kettlebells and some push-ups and sit-ups.

Have an awesome week!

I’ll say goodnight with my favorite quote from the weekend:

“The only thing greater than fear is hope.”  President Snow, The Hunger Games

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