I’m always guilty as charged when it comes to slacking on the cross training.  I know I need to but most weeks it is all I can do to get my 3 days of running in let alone thinking about the other 3 or 4 days.

This week has been tough.  Tuesday got here and I didn’t get up early.  Then when I got home something came up and I ended up skipping.  Wednesday morning came and went and Wednesday night was out because Ron and I had planned a date night.  Thursday morning came and I chose sleep over running and promised myself I’d run after work.  I was starved after work and ended up getting something to eat on the way home.  (I had a 2 hour drive home on Thursday night.)  Then after eating, I just couldn’t muster up the motivation to run.  So….Friday is here.  As you can guess, I didn’t run this morning.  However, I did run tonight.

5 Glorious Miles!

It was about 7:15 before I started so I knew it would be pretty dark before I finished.  I didn’t let that stop me.  I put on my reflective shirt and headed out.  The weather was cool and I’m so glad I made it out there.  It really was a beautiful run.

One thing that keeps me motivated to keep running is the hope to be able to lose a few pounds.  I’d actually like to lose about 20 pounds but that’s a whole other blog post.  Another motivation is the fact that I know running is very healthy for me.  It helps to keep my cholesterol down and osteoporosis at bay.  I heard just the other night on the John Tesh radio show that running can add up to 6 years to your life span.

Running with friends is another huge motivation for me.  I love my Galloway group and I love running with friends.  Next month I’m co-leading a Half Marathon Small Group at out church.  That is going to be so awesome!  We’re going to run together for 16 weeks and then run the Myrtle Beach Half in February.  I’m sure our group is going to keep me motivated all winter long. (Yay Mt. Zion friends!)

The number one motivator to me though is most assuredly signing up for races.

You see that 44 and 22 app on my phone?


The COO 44 is the countdown for the City of Oaks Marathon.  The Medoc 22 is the countdown for the Medoc Trail Marathon.  That my friends is what got me out there running tonight.

I have 3 weeks and 1 day until I’m going out for a little training run.  That’s what I’m telling myself.  Medoc is a full trail marathon but I’m just going out there to have fun and log some miles.  The cut off for Medoc is 7.5 hours.  Even though it is a trail marathon and will be harder than a normal marathon, I’m thinking that surely with my two sub 5 hours marathons under my belt, I should be able to make it before the cut off.  The course is 3 loops and they can pull you at the 2nd loop if they think you won’t make the last loop in time.  That’s my main goal.  I really don’t want to get pulled.  I’ve never had a DNF and I don’t want this one to be my first.

Now for the City of Oaks I have 6 weeks and 2 days to continue to get ready.  For this marathon I really want to give it my all and try to give a strong finish.

So there you go.  The countdown is on.

I, Melissa Cupit, do solemnly swear that I’m up to no good that I will faithfully cross train for the next 6 weeks as well as getting in my 3 weekly training runs.

Happy Cross Training Ya’ll!

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