Every now and then I get to work in Wilmington.




And when I work in Wilmy, I get to see Andie and Mason.

Andie                 Mason jumping

I took Mason to Toys-R-Us after dinner and we had a blast. Andie was in class so it was a Grandma / grandson outing only. He loved all the Power Wheels cars. Especially Lighting McQueen. I think he stayed in that car for 15 straight minutes.

IMAG0867       IMAG0866      IMAG0870

IMAG0871     IMAG0872

Then next thing he fell in love with was this Buzz Lightyear spaceship.


Oh man! How I’d love to get him this but with Andie in an apartment, I knew he really wouldn’t have anywhere to ride it.

He sure did enjoy it though!

The last thing we found was this Animal Planet dinosaur.


At first I thought he’d be a little afraid of it with the glowing red eyes and all but he wasn’t!

We left Toys-R-Us with his first dinosaur.

It is so cool! It walks and roars and has those eyes that flash. Mason is able to use the remote control just fine and he has been having so much fun with it.  Here he is drinking a smoothie and watching it walk.


I got to give him his bath and then it was my treat to read to him in bed. These two books were once Andie’s and I could have read them with my eyes closed. I love them both so much!

IMAG0897    IMAG0894

Time For Bed is one of the most beautifully illustrated children’s books ever.


Do you think this child is a boy or girl.  In 20 years, I’ve never been able to decide.  Smile

Rock-a-bye Farm is just precious. Mason and I especially love it when after the farmer rocks the mouse and puts him to bed, on the next page, the mouse disappears. So sweet.

IMAG0895          IMAG0896

These other two books are ones that Andie bought for Mason.


This one is masterfully illustrated! Really, really, awesome illustrations.


And here’s a Dr. Seuss one:


I’m usually pretty good with Dr. Seuss rhymes but my tongue was getting very twisted last night. Good thing Mason’s eyes were closing not 5 pages into it.

After he was asleep, I visited with Andie a bit more but since she was still busy doing homework, I went over to her apartment’s gym and got my run in. It was late and I almost blew it off but somehow I mustered up the motivation. I think it is the looming Medoc Trail Marathon that really has me SCARED!  Gotta think positively though.

no app              Source

Night all!

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