Why, Hello Jane!

Happy New Year and welcome to 1983!

I’ve had a bad cold so yesterday I spent the entire day in my pajamas.  Yes, the entire day.  I felt a little guilty but it sure did feel glorious to be able to take a real “sick day.”

Today, I’m feeling much better so after work I decided to do a bit of exercising.  Wednesday’s are supposed to be my cross training days so I headed to the dvd player and looked for my Jillian Michaels’ disc.


I couldn’t find it anywhere.  I’m guessing my daughter took it back to college with her.

I had my pick of many different dvds in our extensive exercise library but for some reason, I dug this one out.


My very worn, and very loved Jane Fonda video tape!

I decided I better do the 35 minute beginner’s workout and that turned out to be a very good idea.  Jane kicked my little marathon booty!

It was so fun.  I sang along and really enjoyed myself.  Note, I had to modify many of the moves that my 18 year body would have never dreamed of needing to.  And the stretching!  Wowzer!  I am so not limber anymore at all.

I think come Friday I’ll have to pop this vintage tape in again.  Who knows, maybe I can work my way up to the advanced workout that I did almost every night of my teenage life.  Jane was in her mid 40’s when she made this video so maybe there’s hope for this 47 year old body.

45 days and counting until my next race!  Myrtle Beach Half here I come!

Happy 2013 Everyone!

2 thoughts on “Why, Hello Jane!

    • Yeah, I remember that now. I like SHRED though. We should trade EXTREME for SHRED sometime for a couple of months. EXTREME is so hard! Love ya darlin’!

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