Prep Work

After church today, Ron and I spent a little time in the kitchen preparing some of our food for the upcoming week.

Good news is, we worked well together and didn’t fight.  My mother always said to me that if you can work together in a kitchen then you’ve got a good chance to stay together.  Now, I can’t say  we’ve always worked well in the kitchen.  But today we did.  We were humming right along just like Harrison Ford and Melanie Griffith did in the closing scene of Working Girl.  (I couldn’t find the the scene I’m talking about but I do hope you remember it.  It was so cute.)

We made some awesome granola.




We got those 4 servings that we stored in the glass bowls.  I also put 3 servings in baggies.  That left about a 1/2 serving and I had to eat that.  It was so good.  The part that you bake had pumpkin seeds, raw almonds, flax seed, shredded coconut, rolled oats, vanilla extract, coconut oil, sea salt, and maple syrup.  The recipe called for grade B maple syrup and all we had was grade A.  Ron reasoned that grade A had to be better.  I looked it up on Google and it seems to me that they both are about the same.  The B has less sugar and is supposed to have more flavor.  I bet grade B is more expensive and grade A is already about 6 times the price the normal syrups that we used for years.

After it baked, you add the dried blueberries and dried cherries.  This is going to be delicious in the morning with ice cold almond milk over it.

Next we made some pancakes.

104_6076  104_6077

104_6078    104_6081

When Ron and I taste tested one he said he bet it tasted like a peanut butter cookie.  (They have almond butter in them.)

He was right.  These are so dense.  The reason we made another breakfast item is because YU said the pancakes make great snacks and I was concerned that we would need some.

Our last item we cooked up was the cauliflower chowder.


It has some Dinosaur Kale in it as well as the cauliflower and some red peppers.  YU suggested that you add some quinoa or buckwheat.  Ron cooked both.

Here’s the buckwheat.


And the quinoa.


We ended up stirring in the buckwheat and saved the quinoa for another dish later in the week or for breakfast.

That buckwheat really made it a very filling chowder.  Ron and I had a serving tonight and we put 4 large servings in the fridge for later.

I got a good run in today but Runmeter is still not working properly.  I downloaded the updates and they helped a little but the distance was all over the place today.  It had me at a 7 and 8 minute pace at times and we all know I’m no where near that fast.  I’m going to give it a couple of more chances but I’m really thinking I’ve wasted 5 bucks.

At church today we had some special music and the duet sang a beautiful old hymn.  I loved it.  This YouTube is one of Alan Jackson performing it.   I do hope you find a blessing.  I know I did today.  The part where it says sinner come home made me cry.

Have a great week everyone.

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