Terrific Tuesday

Just a quick update before bed:

Runmeter did much better today.

runmeter vs garmin

Practically spot on.  I do enjoy it so maybe if I can get a few more accurate runs under my belt with it, I’ll trust it more.

The weather here in NC was simply spectacular today.  High was near 75 degrees.  Crazy that we were just in an ice storm last Friday.  I was so lucky that my work schedule allowed me to get my run in outside in that fabulous weather.  I was happy with my run.  I felt really good the whole way.

Tomorrow is cross training day I promise.

Now on to dinner.

104_6095 (2)

Check out this Ginormous salad!  It contained red onions, red peppers, zucchini,  yellow squash, mixed greens, a few pecans, avocado, and was topped with the most delicious salad dressing you could imagine.  Ron spent a good amount of time on it but the work was so worth it in the end.  Creamy, soy and dairy free Ranch Dressing.  Delicious!  Be sure to click the link and see all the directions for the dressing.   The good news is we have a lot left.  I’ve got some ready for lunch for tomorrow and  we are using this dressing on a chickpea wrap we are having tomorrow night.

I read a really interesting article today and I was happy to see their definition of a vegan.  “Vegans and those who avoid animal products (even part of the day, or part of the week)”  That’s me.  I love eating all the veggies but I don’t like the guilt I feel when I have some fish or if I happen to eat something with an egg in it.

Night Friends!

6 thoughts on “Terrific Tuesday

    • It was a delicious one. All you do is take your mixed salad greens (about 4 cups worth, any greens, just pick your favorite.) Then mix in the chopped veggies. I used half a red pepper, one yellow squash, one zuchinni, about 1/4 chopped red onion, some cubed avocado, and some pecans or other nuts of your choice. You really can put any veggies in that you like. I almost added some raisins. If you click on the highlighted words about the creamy dressing, it will take you to the YumUniverse site and you can see the entire recipe for the dressing.

    • I just started using it. The mileage accuracy was off the first couple of runs I did with it. But this time it was good. I listen to music when I run and most of the time, it turns down the volume of the song when it tells me my pace and distance. A couple of times it didn’t and I couldn’t hear. Has that ever happened to you?

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