One word.  Delicious!

104_6105 (2)

Ron worked late so it was my turn to cook.  I’ve been anticipating  these all week.  These Black Quinoa & Sweet Potato Kale Cakes looked so yummy in the pictures from YumUniverse.  (Be sure to check out the complete recipe by clicking on the highlighted words.)

It did take quite a long time for me to cook tonight.  Next time I plan these for a week night meal I will have my sweet potatoes already roasted and my quinoa already cooked.  If I had done that it would have been a snap to put together.

These potato cakes were just a bit crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside.  Something about all those spices and the mashed sweet potatoes really hit a homerun tonight.  Very, very yummy!

And…..I’m still enjoying the ginormous salad from 2 nights ago.  I have one more salad ready for lunch for tomorrow and then that will be it.


I have to admit one funny thing that happened as I was preparing everything.  I went over to get the black quinoa and measured them out and then I realized I had chia seeds instead.  Then I hesitated again.  Were they chia seeds?  Or were they black quinoa?  Did we even get black quinoa last weekend?


I decided I better not chance it and I put them back.  I grabbed the red quinoa that was still in the box and safely labeled.

So, my Black Quinoa & Sweet Potato Kale Cakes were actually made with red quinoa.

When Ron got home, he verified that these were indeed chia seeds.


Thanks goodness I didn’t put them in.  Smile

I’ve really got to do my Sudoku puzzles or my memory games on my phone.  Sometimes my memory scares me.

No run tonight.  Took too long in the kitchen.

Will I get up in the morning and run before work?  Who knows?!  Miracles could happen.

Night Friends!

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