Eggstra Eggstra!

Good Evening Friends!

If you’ve read my blog for very long you know I go back and forth All.The.Time between vegan, vegetarian, and flexitarian.  I watch a movie (Vegecated) one time and find a blog (Yum Universe) and I am vegan.  Then a couple of weeks go by and I open up to the idea of eggs again.  Before long, I’m eating fish.

Yep.  That’s me.  I should just face the facts.  Yes, I want to be healthy and yes I don’t want to harm animals.  But I am open to a diet of more than plants.

My good friend, Robin, has chickens and she’s always talking about them on Facebook.  The other day I asked her if she ever wanted to sell any of her eggs.  She wouldn’t sell them but she did invite me over and gave me a dozen.  She’s adding me to her egg loving friend rotation and she said she would start giving me more of her eggstras.  I’m so excited.  Thank you so much Robin!

Meet Robin and Henny Penny.


While I was visiting, Henny, came right over and sorta hopped at Robin’s feet.  Robin told me Henny wanted to be picked up.  Once Robin had her in her arms, Henny was so happy.

Here’s a shot of all three of Robin’s hens.


One of the black ones is named  Wynonna but I forgot the name of the other one.  They were so pretty.


Robin did have 4 hens at one time but sadly, something got one of them.  She thinks it might have been a fox or a coyote.


Robin told me that the smallest flock size recommended was three and since she lost that one hen she has been open to getting more.


I didn’t get a picture of them but inside Robin’s house she had 3 new little baby chicks.  They were only one week old.  Once they get a little bigger and get all their feathers, Robin’s flock will grow to 6!

Here’s a shot of their coop.


The hens love to get in their coop every night.  Robin locks them in to keep them safe. Then in the morning, she lets them out and all throughout the day they have the full run of the completely fenced in huge backyard.

Then hens eat a special grain that is in that red and white feeder.  She also gives them some chicken scratch (looks like bird seed) and even a special treat each morning.  The hens love blueberries and often wait at the back door in the mornings to get some.

Here’s where they lay their eggs.


It was cool to learn that all 3 of the hens lay them in the same nest and take turns doing so.  Each hen usually lays 1 egg each day.  Robin usually has 3 eggs a day but soon she will have 6 eggs per day.

I also learned that fresh eggs can stay out on the counter for up to 2 weeks.

Here’s the dozen she gave me.


Robin was sad that all of these eggs were brown.  The hen that she lost often laid greenish and bluish eggs.

I hope that one of the new little chickies will lay colorful eggs for her.

I can’t wait to have scrambled eggs for breakfast in the morning.  Smile

I’d love to get some hens but with these 3 musketeers, I’m not sure now is the time in our life to try it.


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Goodnight Friends!

3 thoughts on “Eggstra Eggstra!

    • You are lucky! I can’t wait for Robin’s little chicks to start laying. Hopefully she’ll have more to share then. Her chickens really have the good life!

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