Oh, the best laid plans!


April came and went and when May came around, I wanted to do better.  I decided to focus on 4 areas and really concentrate.  I wanted to grade myself and try to shoot for the Honor Roll.

Well, there you go.  Here’s my report card and friends, I haven’t done much better.


In Running class, I either showed up or didn’t.  Gave it my all or totally skipped class.  Not counting my planned rest days, I ran 7 times and didn’t run 7 times.  So, that gives me a big fat 50%.  Not so good at all.

In Cross Training class, I only cross trained one day and that was today.  I did a 30 minute dumbbell workout.  Glad that I gave it an effort today but so bummed that I continue to find excuses and look the other way in this department.

Now as for rest.  I’m getting so much better at this one.  I used to have a very bad habit of staying up way too late.  I’d end up getting on the computer or watching TV and the time would just slip away from me.  Not sure how I’m doing it but somehow, I’m getting 7-8 hours of sleep every night now.  So proud of this accomplishment.

Nutrition is my best class.  After about 4 years of focusing on eating better, I’m really getting the hang it.  I’ve got my go to meals memorized and most every day I make really good choices.  The B on May 4th was a celebration day.  I did eat a piece of Mason’s birthday cake and then that night at Andie’s graduation celebration at The Cheesecake Factory I had half of a piece of cheesecake.  Considering all the damage I could have done on that day, I view my choices as a success.  The F was on Mother’s Day.  I ended up going to Cook Out and had a burger, onion rings, hush puppies, and a Chocolate Cobbler Fancy Shake.   I have no idea why I made those choices that day.

I’m blaming it on hormones.  Surprised smile

May has 13 more days in it and I’m hoping I can turn things around.  No more cutting runs and no more blowing off cross training.

If I could just get up early and get my exercise completed before work, I think I would find a breakthrough.


6 thoughts on “Oh, the best laid plans!

  1. It’s okay if you missed a few days, none of us is perfect. But I like how you made a report card for you workouts, I am definitely going to have to incorporate that in my life. Keep up the great work and push yourself even harder for the rest of May 🙂

  2. Love the quote! So true! Hang in there…I am still trying to motivate after the half marathon…triathlon in August to get ready for!! I am with you on the eating…need to have the good days eclipse the bad!!

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