Born to Run

I’ve been running 3 and half years and I have just gotten around to reading Born to Run.

Born to Run

Well listening to it that is.  I downloaded it from Audible and really enjoyed it.  Have I mentioned how much I love Audible? In the past, I would get books on cd from the library.  I even got them once or twice from Cracker Barrel.  But Audible!  It’s the bomb.  For only $14.95 per month, I get to download one book each month.  After that, I can get more books and enjoy 30% off.  It’s actually not that cheap compared to FREE at the library and only $3 at Cracker Barrel but you do get to keep the books forever and you can get best sellers and not have to wait on the library’s waiting list forever.

Anyway!  Back to Born to Run.  It was absolutely amazing.  A very inspirational book for runners and non-runners alike.

The book is about this person known as Caballo Blanco (White Horse) and his love for running.  Christopher McDougall, the author, is one of the best storytellers I have ever heard.  All through the book, I felt like I was right there with them all.

I won’t pretend that I can give a synopsis of the book but what I can tell you is you will learn about the Tarahumara Indians of northwestern Mexico and their amazing ability to run long distances.  You’ll learn all about the beautiful Copper Canyons and be ready to somehow hike them for yourself one day.  You will meet a guy named Barefoot Ted and get so excited  you will be ready to bust out of your shoes and try barefoot running.  You’ll become entranced with this woman named Ann Trason better know to the Tarahumara as la bruja (the witch).  You’ll meet the party kids, Billy and Jenn and be ready to fill your fuel belt with Mt. Dew and Coke.  You’ll get to know Scott Jurek, the deer.  (And by the way, Scott is my hero.  I read his book Eat and Run last fall and was so inspired.)  You will learn so much about running the facts will make your head spin.  You will be inspired.  Go out and get Born to Run.  I promise you will not be disappointed.

My sister and I often listen to the same books at the same time and we love to have our own little book club chats.  It wasn’t long after I had finished the book, she was calling me to get my take.

I told her what I got out of the book was to truly excel at running or anything really, you had to find the joy it it.  She said she agreed but what she took out of the book most was that you must be humble, giving and compassionate.

In the very last part of the book, Scott catches up with one of the Tarahumara runners and instead of speeding past him, he slaps him on the back, gives him a huge smile, and says, “Come on!”  Then Scott goes over to another Tarahumara and gives him a slight bow, a gesture to let that Tarahumara know how much he respected him.  Jenn saved Billy a sip of her Coke.  Barefoot Ted and one of the Tarahumara become best friends.  One man hikes 5 miles just to give Chris some mango juice.

Yes, I think my sister is right.  Compassion and love for each other is the key.  It is the key to the universe.  It’s the key to opening your heart and letting God flow to you and through you.  The key to letting you leak Jesus as I am learning in my new book, Love Does.

Love Does

Love Does is a fast one.  Full Review coming soon.

Happy reading.  Happy listening.  Happy running.  Happy Memorial Day Weekend Friends!

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