Our Baby is a Mountaineer

Today was the day! We traveled 205 miles Northwest from Clayton to Boone. Elevation a lucky 3333! And now our baby girl is a Mountaineer.



Lydia packed pretty lightly and barely filled up the back of the XL7.

ASU had the stop drop and roll program and move in was a breeze. Literally, just pull up to your dorm, stop, drop off you stuff , and then roll away.

We had everything set up and unpacked in no time. Check out Lydia’s view from her dorm window.

We had a nice dinner at our favorite Boone restaurant, Coyote Kitchen.
I had the Taos and this beauty was out of this world! It won the best thing to eat in all of North Carolina in 2009.

After a quick trip to Wally World to pick up a few items, it was back to the dorm to say our goodbyes.


Good luck baby girl and take care of Yosef!





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