Smoky Mountain Memories

We’ve been home for exactly one week and my mind keeps drifting back to our wonderful little Smoky Mountain Vacation.


Ron and I really had the time of our lives.

I’ve got so much to share and I really want to do good reviews of all the places we went so please bare with me if this post gets super long.  Just sit right back and let this boring old lady show you her vacation pictures.  LOL  Smile

Our vacation started on Saturday and first on the list was to spend a day with our Mountaineer.

Lydia had only been in college for one week and she already had a long list of things she needed.  After dropping off all her goodies in her dorm, we all went out for a quick bite to eat and then headed to Blowing Rock to the outlets!


We had a lot of fun shopping!

I fell in love with this piece of art.  “On the Fence”  Isn’t that a great name for it?


Lydia got some rain boots and I got these cool Skele-toes!


IMG_0704   IMG_0705

I needed some shoes to wear rafting and Ron swears by these.  I think he is on his 3rd pair.  I’ve been wanting a pair every since I read Born to Run.  They are super comfy!

The day slipped away from us and it was dark before we knew it.  We had planned to head 2.5 hours north to my mother’s but we were so tired we started looking for a hotel room in Boone.

Unfortunately due to this little race, not a room was to be found.  And, since we were traveling towards Bristol, there was no chance of finding a hotel along the way.  We had a dark, winding, trip through Tennessee to Southwestern Virginia.  We were both so happy to make it Wise and slip into the comfortable bed Mother had waiting for us.

We spent Sunday with my mother and step-father and I cooked them a wonderful dinner.  We had lemon baked shrimp and baked sweet potatoes.  For dessert it was vanilla bean ice cream and fresh strawberries.

Mother and Sidney like to nap in the afternoons so Ron and I slipped away to one of our favorite places.


Guest River Gorge is near the neighboring town of Coeburn.  It was once a railroad track but now they have made it into a wonderful place to run, walk, or ride your bike.  The trail follows the Guest River ever so slightly downhill to the Clinch River for 5.8 miles.  Ron and I only ran 2 in and then 2 out this time but we have done the whole trail before.  That last 5.8 miles back up the slight upgrade really is a hard run!


IMG_0064      IMG_0068

IMG_0069   IMG_0070


After a good night’s rest, we headed out to go Flying!  Monday was our day at Navitat!


I’ve already shared the pictures in my Flying post but now let me tell you a little about the adventure.

Well for starters, when I asked Ron if he wanted to do this he never really mentioned that he was deathly afraid of heights.  He’s a cable engineer and years ago when he first started, he climbed his share of poles and he even drove a bucket truck for years!  With all of that and after 25 years of marriage, I never knew of this phobia.

On Sunday night, he started Googling to see if anyone had died zip lining.  By the time we got to Bernardsville, I was getting so nervous.  He had me all worked up and I was getting terrified.

They start you off with some zips that are not too long and not too awfully high.  Our guides were super sweet, funny, informative, and great teachers.  I had a little hard time learning to brake and a few times when I came in for the landing, I was going way too fast!  They have a brake that they can use to help you but I really wished I had gotten more of the hang of it and could have come in gracefully.

The longest zip was 1100 feet and the highest was over 200 feet in the air.  It was breathtaking.

Ron told me later that after the 2nd zip, he was ready to call it quits.  He was really scared.

However, he stuck with it.  Never let on to anyone of his fears.  And in the end, he won the best hollering contest and had a lot of fun.  He was so proud that he conquered his fear of heights.

I would highly recommend Navitat.  The Smokies have some zip lines and we are both anxious to try them out next time.

After Navitat, we were starved and since we were so close to Asheville, this was our chance to try Plant.


I’ll say goodnight now and save my review of the all vegan restaurant, Plant for tomorrow.

Happy Running Friends!

(Oh, and if you want to leave a comment, please leave it here and not on Facebook.  I’m taking a break from FB and I won’t see it if you post it there.)

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