Giving Back

Last Sunday my flat Melissa looked a little different.


I wasn’t running this time.  I was volunteering.  It was my very first time and it was way overdue.  The time had come to give back to the wonderful running community that has given me so much.

All I had to do was sign up and attend a short training session at a local running store.  After that I came home with that awesome running shirt and this awesome backpack. 


I also was given a flag and a rain poncho.  The race director said by giving all the volunteers a rain poncho, we were guaranteed not to need it.  And he was right.  Just look at this beautiful blue sky!


I volunteered from 6:00am until 12:45pm along side my new friend, Jordan.  She made 2 posters and they were a huge hit. 


I even got a shot of one runner hitting the power button!


Just about every runner that passed hit the button.  It was so cute!

Here’s the other poster and it meant a lot to some of the runners whose pace was slower.  It really is true you know.  Even the runners that brought up the rear (like I did last year) were doing more than many people will ever be able to do.


After the police opened up the road where we were stationed, I headed on to the finish line to turn in our vests and flags.


I had a great time and the hours really flew by.  The City of Oaks is a hard marathon and I’m glad I’ve got a medal from it but I think from now on, this might be my annual race to volunteer at.


Happy Running Ya’ll!

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