Mushrooms in place of Meat

Just a quick picture of my lunch today.

We had beautiful weather in North Carolina today and I spent almost every single moment out working in the yard.

Hunger made me stop and come inside.  I whipped up this super easy and fast lunch.



All I did was wash a portabella mushroom and roast it for 14 minutes at 350 degrees.  (Roast it with the bottom of the mushroom facing up.  You will know when it is done when some liquid starts bubbling up on the top.)  Then I plopped it on a slice of whole grain toast and topped it with some Daiya cheese.   While the mushroom was in the oven, I zapped  a can of Veggie Baked Beans and sliced up an orange.

I should have had something green but I wanted to get back outside quick.  I promise, I had a Hugh Jass Salad tonight.

Happy Eating Friends!

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