Run Happy

Tonight  I headed over to the best running store in all of Raleigh, Capital Run Walk.  It was their Thursday night social run.  The Brooks Run Happy Island Bus was there and they were giving away all sorts of prizes.


I won a t-shirt!


It’s a cotton one and I never run in cotton.  I do however love to wear them with jeans.


Superman and Batgirl were there.  I even ran along side of Superman for a while.  Smile

Brooks was offering a free gait analysis and even though I’ve had it done several times it was fun to try it out again.  I have very mild pronation and wouldn’t know it, the best shoe for me is exactly what I have.  The Brooks Ravenna!


These are the ones that I won last Christmas at the Capital Run Walk Ugly Christmas Sweater Run.  Oh and check out those new Lock Laces.  They are fabulous!  I’ll never go back to regular laces again.  Once you get them adjusted you’re all set.  So easy to slip your shoes on and off.  They stay at just the perfect tightness and you never have to worry about double knotting or worrying about your shoes coming untied.

They have the best raffles at CRW!  Tonight they gave away so many cool prizes and a whopping 4 pairs of shoes.  I wasn’t the big winner tonight but I still had a blast.

It was a lovely night and such a fun atmosphere.  So many runners.  I got to see my friend Jordan and I met some new friends, Mindy and Jessie.  Mindy gave me the name of some women who run in the mornings near where I work and I’m so excited.  I might have found some new weekday running partners.

Last night I ran up to the high school’s track and ran a mile as fast as I could.  Then I did an easy run home.  That’s 3 miles all total.  Tonight’s run was also 3 miles.  6 miles in 2 days and I feel great!  Tomorrow at lunch I’m planning on a hill workout and then Saturday I’m shooting to get in 5 or 6 miles.

Happy Running Friends!

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