Skinny Turkey Half Marathon

Ron and I ran the Skinny Turkey Half Marathon yesterday morning.  I’ve always liked the idea of a Turkey Trot but had never signed up for one until this race.  We went ahead and picked this race because we are both so about the bling and we were definitely trained for it after Thunder Road 2 weeks ago.  Might as well get a good medal if you can.



The weather was calling for a chilly clear morning and that would have been perfect but we woke to rain instead.  It let up a bit for most of the race but there were several miles that it was either spitting at us or plain out raining.  At 41 degrees you would have thought I would have been miserable.  Happily, I was fine the entire race.  It really didn’t bother me one single bit.  There was one time that I thought it would have been nice to have a hat on to keep the rain from falling on my face but I didn’t dwell on it and I was perfectly fine.

After running Thunder Road in 22 degree weather, 41 was a rather balmy for sure.  🙂

I knew there would be hills and I was prepared for them.  They didn’t bother me either.  I was shooting for a PR of 2:10 (which would have been 2 minutes faster than my fastest) and decided that I’d stick with the 2:10 pacer for a long as possible.

I’m sad to report that this pacer took us out a bit too fast.  To hit a 2:10 we should have been near 9:55 especially in the beginning.  He was a great guy and all and he knew he was a little ahead of pace and told us so.  I appreciate these pacers so much and don’t want to sound critical.

I think I must practice pacing myself and running my own races for next year.  Maybe if I let go of so many time goals the speed will come. Not magically come.  I’m too practical for that.  I know I have to put the work in but if I can stop focusing so much on time that might help.

Skinny Turkey splits


It was fun running with the pace group for a while but just like in Thunder Road, on a hill, this guy just kept cruising on.  He kept getting farther and farther ahead of me.  My legs would not move any faster even though I was willing them to MOVE!  I kept the balloons the pacer was carrying in my sights until around mile 8.  After that he was long gone. I didn’t give up though.  I met a friend of mine on the course and we leap frogged each other for quite some time.  I enjoyed chatting to her off and on and loved seeing her again.  (Great race Jordan!)  (Great to see you too Amelia!  Great Job!)

I did start to feel a blister rubbing on my left foot and was caught quite off guard.  I never get blisters.  I’m really not sure what caused this.  It didn’t hurt too much and I was determined not to let it slow me down.

I came in with a net time of 2:16.  With all those rolling hills, I’ll take it.

Skinny Turkey results





We had a great time and this race was for a very good cause.  The proceeds benefited a group that strives to raise awareness on various topics that affect teens.  (violence, sex,drugs, alcohol, gangs, negative peer pressure)

I liked this race a lot.  The packet pick-up was held a a local running store and was highly efficient.  The shirts were those new really soft ones that I love.  They even gave us a nice pair of socks!  The medal was killer and the course pretty but challenging.  The race started and finished at a high school and they let us go inside.  It was very nice using real bathrooms and getting to stay warm and dry inside before and after the race. Parking in the high school parking lot was also very convenient.  The course was not closed to traffic but the few cars that were  out were very respectful and gave the runners plenty of space.  There were loads of high schoolers that were course monitors and their support was so nice.  They did have police officers at the major intersections and I felt safe at all times.

If you ask Ron, he’ll tell you that what is described as challenging hills on this course is really challenging mountains.  He did great though and finished right at 3:00 like he has all month.  Can you believe he has done three 13.1s in November?!  (City of Oaks, Thunder Road, and Skinny Turkey)

That puts our 2014 totals as follows:

Ron 6 half marathons:  Gasperilla, Wrightsville Beach, Rock-n-Roll, City of Oaks, Thunder Road, and Skinny Turkey

Me: 4 half marathons and 1 full:  all the same as Ron’s except I did the full at Thunder Road and I volunteered at City of Oaks.

I can’t wait to see what 2015 holds for us.  All we are signed up for so far is the Rock-n-Roll Raleigh in April.

I am so very thankful for our health and the awesome hobby of running!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!






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