Rock-n-Roll Raleigh Repeat

Oh my goodness!  I am so far behind in updating all my running events.  I share a lot on Facebook so for many of my readers who are also my FB friends, this will be old news.   However, I really like to keep the running recaps so I can refer back to them from time to time.   So here goes!  Smile

First up was the Rock-n-Roll Raleigh half marathon on April 12th.   Ron and I ran it last year because I have always wanted to see what all the hullabaloo was with the Rock-n-Roll series.  It was a good race but Ron didn’t do well and he wanted to give it one more shot.  We signed up for the 2nd time and it was much better. 

The course was a teeny bit flatter (you can’t get hill free in Raleigh) and Ron put in put in a good amount of training.    We were ready to Rock again!

11079638_10203984033186250_1813438407276129890_n (1)

With these large races even though it was in our hometown, we still had to get up very early.  Parking was better this year.  They did a much better job all around with all the logistics and I have no complaints.  The expo was fun and the course very, very pretty.  The bands are very motivating.  I love it when races have entertainment.

I did not do intervals on this race.  I ran the whole way and only walked a little at the water stops.  My ITB behaved and I had a super day.  I felt very good the entire race.  Ron did good too.  I finished in 2:25 and Ron came in at 2:54.

Melissa Rock-n-Roll results

Ron Rock-n-Roll results

Ron and Melissa with Sir Walter Raleigh

I love this shot of us by Sir Walter Raleigh  Isn’t it cool that they had a guitar and a knee brace on him?  So funny!

This year Ron and I slipped in and right out of the after race party.  They were only serving Michlob Ultra and there is no way Ron was interested in that.  I didn’t much like it either.

After the race we were on a runner’s high and Ron mentioned to me that we should make running the Rock-n-Roll Raleigh a tradition and sign up for it every year.  A few days later though, we both realized that we have had enough of this one.  I like the Rock-n-Roll series for the fun and the inspiration that it gives new runners.  I don’t like this series because they are a for profit group and try to trick people into thinking that some of the proceeds go to charity.  Not one penny of our race fees went anywhere but to the Rock-n-Roll payrolls.  Bad form Rock-n-Roll.  Bad form.

Next up was a crazy idea I had to run 10 5ks for my 50th birthday.

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