On My Bookshelf

I enjoy my books on Audible so much.  I do read real books occasionally but mostly I listen to the Audible versions.  I drive a lot for work and these books help me pass the time.

My book for last March was Unbroken.


I’m sure by now everyone knows that this book was about the life of Louie Zamperini.  I loved every minute of this book.  In fact, I caught myself listening to it not only in my car.  I listened before bed.  I listened while I was getting ready for work.  I listened while I was making dinner.  I couldn’t stop!  I didn’t want it to end.

When it came out on dvd, Ron and I watched it and the movie was good.  But man!  The book was so.much.better.  The movie leaves out so much.

Over the summer, I followed Scott Jurek’s epic Appalachian Trail speed hike and The Iron Cowboy’s 50 Ironmans in 50 Days.  These were awesome feats of human endurance.  However, they pale in comparison to what Louie and many, many, others have endured.  Holocaust survivors and prisoners of war have endured so very much more.

Whenever I come upon hard thing in my life, I think of Louie and suck it up and know that I really am so much stronger than I think I am.

April’s book choice was The Girl on the Train.  Hmmm.  What can I say about this?  I liked it and I remember eagerly getting in the car so I could tune in.  However, this wasn’t one that I listened to outside the car.  This book provided a good mystery and I thought I had it figured out.  I didn’t.  The end was a super surprise.  It wasn’t as good as last year’s Gone Girl, but it was good.

The Girl on the Train

May’s choice was Ruby.  This book was one of Oprah’s top choices.  Boy was it scary!  I had to turn it off one time I was so scared.  I didn’t really like Ruby very much.  Too much pain and suffering.  It reminded me of something my mother told me once.  She told me that man had the power to be the kindest, most loving, most caring creature on the planet but also the power to be a creature of unthinkable evil.  Some of the characters in Ruby were evil through and through.


June’s book was Lies You Wanted to Hear.  I liked this one ok.  Made you really think.  As bad as that mother was, she never deserved what happed.  And as good as the dad was, he was very wrong in my opinion.

Lies You Wanted to Hear

The Power of One was my Audible selection for July.  Powerful!  It was a long one but I really loved it.  I learned so much!  I was crying not 2 chapters into the book.  Who would have ever thought that I could fall in love with a rooster.  Grandpa Chock rules!  I catch myself thinking back to different scenes from this book every now and then.  I highly recommend this one.

The Power of One

Next came Euphoria, The Red Tent, and Us.  Loved Euphoria.  Disliked The Red Tent so much that this is the only book all year that I didn’t even finish.  And as for Us, I liked it just fine.  It wasn’t over the top great but it was a good book.

Euphoria The Red Tent Us

A Man Called Ove was last month’s choice.  Now this one was the very best of all year.  I get the Sunday paper and over the summer they had a selection of books that they recommended.  Ove was one of them.

A Man Called Ove

Wow!  This was a short one but oh so good.  Ove loved Saabs.  Ove loved his wife.  Ove really loved life.  This was a feel good story and I took away many things that I hope to make a part of how I live my life.  My sister Rosa listens to books with me and we both loved Ove.  We liked it so much in fact, we are now listening to another book from the same author, My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry.  This one is pretty good so far too.

The 2 real books I’ve actually read this year are both by Jennifer Pharr Davis.  Jennifer held the record for the fastest hike of the Appalachian Trail prior to Scott Jurek.  Scott only beat Jennifer by a little over 3 hours.  Scott is my hero and for this legend to only beat Jennifer by a mere 3 hours, I became intrigued with this woman.

I read 2 of her books so far and I literally devoured them.  I read Becoming Odyssa in about 2 days.  I read Called Again in about a day and a half.


I’ve only hiked about 25 miles of the AT but after watching Scott’s adventure this past summer and after reading Jennifer’s books, I can’t get to retirement fast enough.  I know I’m going to hate the rain and the bugs and the snakes and the rain and the bugs but now, I just have to hike the entire AT before I meet my maker.  Ron is on strict orders to stay healthy and strong until we make it to retirement and can head off to this adventure.

What’s on your bookshelf this year?

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