75 Hard

Hi everyone! If you’ve followed me on Instagram and Facebook, you know I started the 75 Hard Challenge on February 1st. What!? You haven’t heard of 75 Hard? Let me introduce you.

The rules are really quite simple. Just follow a diet. But no cheat meals or cheat days for the entire 75 days. Do (2) 45 minute workouts per day. Caveat, one of them has to be outdoors and you should take a break of approximately 3 hours between the 2 workouts. No alcohol. Take a progress picture each day. Drink a gallon of water daily. And lastly, read 10 pages of a non-fiction, self-help type of book. If you miss ANY of the steps, you have to start back over at day 1.

A friend in my Beachbody group introduced us to the 75 Hard Challenge when we were on a Beachbody Zoom call. My coach and several in our group all started the challenge on February 1st. My coach is blogger and you can read several of her updates. She is such a badass! Most of the women in my group live in the midwest and they have been slammed with really cold and snowy weather. They were so very inspiring me each day. We’ve had some cold and rainy days in North Carolina but nothing to compare with what they were facing.

Anyway, I need to give you all an update. I only made it 17 days. It is a TOUGH challenge. I should have started over at day 1 but I tapped out for now. Wowzer is this one HARD!

I didn’t struggle one bit with following a diet. My nutrition has been spot on for months now ever since I started following The Starch Solution and the 50/50 plating plan that I learned from Plantiful Kiki. No problem at all for me anymore with my eating plan.

I was already doing my Beachbody workouts most days and I walk EVERYDAY so the 2 workouts weren’t that terrible. I’ll be honest and admit though that never taking a day off of to rest was a bit draining to me. And remember, I only made it 17 days. I cannot imagine how my team members in the challenge are keeping this up! You know I love my walks so much and I really didn’t even mind the cold and rainy walks. I have some nice warm waterproof pants and a fantastic rain jacket. But, if I didn’t get my Beachbody workout done in the morning, when I got home from work I found I was settling for a nice indoor yoga video most nights. Not that yoga isn’t a great workout. It is!

The no alcohol wasn’t a problem either. I never really drank all that much anyway and back in 2019 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I gave up all alcohol.

Taking a progress pic was the easiest. Here I am on day 16.

Curiously enough, I’ve heard that forgetting to take a progress picture is one of the most common areas that trip people up.

The gallon of water! That was HARD! Even though this was hard, this was the one thing that has cracked the code for me on my weight loss plateau.

I dropped 5 pounds from the fist day of the challenge! Unbelievable! I know it’s not all about the number on the scale and it is so much more about how you feel. But it is really is cool to see so much progress. I’m only 1.8 pounds away from my ultimate goal weight!

The 10 pages of reading was difficult for me. I’m a big Audible fan and I love listening to books when I drive for work. Sitting down to an actual book and reading was HARD. I did well though and I actually made progress with this old book that has been on my bookshelf FOREVER!

So why did I quit? That the secret. All the steps aren’t that hard if you look at them individually. The hard part is the time management and making sure you can squeeze them all in and still get the rest of your life done and get the nourishing REST that your body deserves.

On day 18 I didn’t wake up in time to do my indoor workout. That normally wouldn’t have been a problem, because I could still walk at lunch and then do my indoor workout after work. My issue was that particular day it was freezing rain and I was afraid of how much of an idiot I’d look like to my friends at work. There was no way I could discretely step out and walk without them seeing me shaking off my rain coat when I got back in. The other problem was that I had forgotten that my sister was coming to visit after work and I forgot to leave a key out for her. I really needed to work through lunch so I could leave early and let her in. When I realized I wasn’t going to make the workouts, I took one look at my gallon of water and said FORGET IT!! I quit right then and there.

I need to do some soul searching to see why I was so concerned with what my work friends would think of me. I shouldn’t of cared.

So there you have it! Tell me. Would you ever consider trying the 75 HARD challenge?

Keep being the Badass that you know you are!

4 thoughts on “75 Hard

  1. Melissa, you are a badass regardless of whether or not you finished that challenge! 17 days of that was no small feat either! You inspire me all the time and I have led several people to your page because of it. I love reading your posts and blogs and listening to your videos. I don’t follow the plans you do but you inspire me to get healthy in my own way and not to feel bad when I slip up.

    • Aww, thanks so much Cara! YES! Getting healthy in your own way and not beating yourself up when you slip is the biggest thing I’ve learned over the years. Thanks so much for reading and listening. 🙂

  2. Thank you for the shout-out! Yes, this challenge is all about time management and convincing yourself even on the days when you don’t want to do it that you’re going to do it anyway! Building mental toughness is ultimately the goal of this program. But you’re mentally tough in my book. If you ever decided to try the program again, I know you would succeed!

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