My Beauty Routine

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2019, I threw out so much stuff. If it didn’t have natural ingredients, I didn’t want it anywhere near my body! I can remember throwing away 2 large bottles of perfume. I think it was Romance and Beautiful. And dang! Those were expensive. And I loved Beautiful! It had been my signature fragrance since Ron got me my first bottle our first Christmas together in 1987. Since then, I still try to keep things mostly natural but I’ve slowly started letting a few things back in my life. Beautiful is one of them. Lydia got me a small roll on bottle and I use it on special occasions.

But for hair care, skin care, and makeup, I’ve switched almost totally to Pacifica. One of my favorite bloggers uses Pacifica and I decided to give it a try. I have been hooked ever since.

Here’s my hair care choices.

I know this is a lot of plastic here and I’m trying so hard to get away from plastic. The good news is at least Pacifica is using 50% PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) plastics. For a while I was using a shampoo bar from Lush and I do like them a lot. However, since I was putting in an order with Pacifica, I decided to go ahead and try the Coconut shampoo. I love it! I’ve used the Coconut conditioner for a long time and it is my very favorite. The Coconut Milk Detangle Elixir is a leave in conditioner. I don’t wash my hair every day but I do wet it down and on these days, I love using the leave in conditioner. Now for the hairspray. I’m old school. I used to use Adorn back in the day and a lot of other aerosol ones. This is my very favorite non-aerosol hair spray that I’ve found. On days that I don’t want the hairspray, I usually use the hair balm on the end. Just a very small amount on my finger tips and then massaged in a few places on my hair.

Here’s my skincare products.

I really like Sea Foam cleanser in the middle! That’s my go to. But on my recent order, I spied these sample sizes and decided to give the other 2 a try. The Kale one is a no go for me. I love the way it cleaned and it felt wonderful. The smell though. It really smells like Kale and I was not a fan. The Glow Baby one was fantastic! Felt great and the smell was amazing! I think I am going to keep the Sea Foam one by the sink and the Glow Baby in the shower.

Now for my moisturizer.

This one is new to me and I am loving it. I’ve used the Vegan Collagen moisturizer but it let my skin get a little shiny during the day. This new Mattify and Protect one still has the SPF that I love and it goes on smooth. Smell is amazing too. I think smell is super important to me for some reason. Ha!

Now for the serums and overnight creams.

This Vegan Collagen Serum is my favorite! I usually use it on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday nights and the Overnight Recovery Cream on the other nights. I love the Serum better and I may just start using it exclusively. My face is so smooth in the mornings!

Many beauty companies have cute sayings on their boxes and Pacifica is no exception. True beauty really does come from the inside. By the way, here’s a beauty and fashion blogger I follow that lives by this saying. She is the best!

Next comes the makeup.

I’m very thankful for pretty good skin. And now thanks to menopause, I don’t get many breakouts at all. Or maybe it is the good healthy eating? Anyway, I don’t wear much makeup. Of the above items, I use the eyeshadow the most. I like the other items, I just don’t wear them often.

Here’s a few more makeup items.

I have tried the Pacific pressed powder and I did like it but I tend to go back to this Physicians Formula airbrushed one. I’ve seen that Physicians Formula has some pressed powders in some neat scents and I can’t wait for this one to get used up so I can try them. This one smells good but those new ones sound fantastic. The bronzer and the mascara are from Thrive. I love how Thrive gives back to the breast cancer community! They are amazing! I got these for free when I attended a Casting for Recovery Retreat last fall. I’ve never really used a bronzer before and I love the way it just gives my cheeks a sun kissed look. I don’t even wear a blush anymore. The mascara is also from Thrive and I am crazy about it. I don’t wear mascara often but when I do, this one is tops. I like that it doesn’t smudge and that it washes easily with just water.

Here is a picture of some lip gloss I got for free.

Both are fantastic! Aren’t the directions on the box so cute? Apply to your lips or skin and head out into the world and do great things! Yay! I like that. To be honest, I don’t like that you have to apply with your finger but the taste, smell, and feel are so amazing, I get over that one inconvenience. You have to try them! And you can put them on other chapped areas. I often put the coconut one on my chin if it gets chapped and it does often. The estrogen blocker pill that I am on makes my skin so dry!

Here’s a couple more health and beauty products I like.

The Each and Every deodorant is my very favorite deodorant I have found. And I have tried them ALL! Back before breast cancer I used Secret Clinical Strength. I was a huge sweater all my life. I think I actually had hyperhidrosis but I was never officially diagnosed. I don’t sweat anymore under my left side. I think it is because they removed 25 lymph nodes on that side during my unilateral mastectomy. I do still sweat on my right side but not as much. I think that may be a menopause thing too. There is some research that says that the strong antiperspirants are links to breast cancer. I did use the very highest power ones I could find for many years but you never really know. I firmly believe my main cause was the hormone replacement therapy that I took, Prempro. No one knows for sure and I try not to worry about the why. Sometimes cells just go rouge for no apparent reason. Anyway, I’ve switched to all natural deodorant and Each and Every is the best! It goes on like butter and the smell (again- ha!) is lovely! This citrus one is great and I also love the Lime and Coconut one.

The Dr. Bonner’s soap is fantastic. I love the almond one the best. I like getting this soap to help reduce our plastic consumption and the good thing is Ron loves it too. You can use it as a shampoo too and I have a few times. Ron uses it all over! It is a bit strong and since I color my hair, I try to be careful.

When I was snapping all these pictures yesterday, I grabbed the powder to show you. I wanted a talc free one again for health reasons and I love Lady Anti-Monkey Butt! I don’t use it much but it is great for anti-chafing. Andie and Lydia used the kids version when their little ones were in diapers.

You guys see me all the time on Instagram Trekking Tuesdays and you know how I look most days. I decided to put on a full face of makeup and snap this picture.

There you go! I do like to get dolled up on occasion and I do like my lotions and potions. I refuse to pay the super high prices of some skin care lines though. We are trying to get out of debt and I cannot justify paying so much. Pacifica is low cost and just right for me.

What health and beauty products do you love?

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