New Beginnings

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I hinted that I was embarking on a New Beginning. Well, after 17 years, I’ve decided to leave my current employer and start something new. I’ve loved the work, my peers and our customers. I’ve loved all my old managers. Especially Dava who was the epitome of someone who looked out for her team. She fought for me to get the largest raise in my whole 17 years. But everything went downhill after she left the company. The beautiful, ergonomic, stand-up desks, the gorgeous offices, the wonderful campus that I got to enjoy every day on my walks, the wonderful lunch spots and the enjoyable drives to the remote locations in Virginia and North and South Carolina, my company cars. Nothing could make up for so many other negatives that I won’t go into detail here about. Anyway, 3 weeks ago, I got my courage up to just see what else was out there. I applied, interviewed, and was offered a new job in what felt like the blink of an eye. After the interview, I prayed so hard. I was nervous about starting over but I really feel God put this opportunity in my lap. I feel so much peace with this decision.

So goodbye to these memories:

And HELLO to being a Replenishment Manager at my local Food Lion.

Look at this cute Food Lion gift bag my good friend, Connie, got me!

Working at home for 19 months, taught me that I do better away from home. I got too lonely. I lost focus. Yes, working from home has some amazing benefits and I was so grateful to have been able to do that when it was needed. I loved walking Lily at lunch. I loved doing my Beach Body workouts.

However since Lily crossed the rainbow bridge, the house is so very lonely. Ron had to work late one night last week and the house was downright spooky to me. I’d love to adopt a rescue dog but Ron is vetoing that right now. You know we are on a strict budget and pets really are expensive.

When I looked for places to work, I knew I wanted to work outside my home but I did not want to drive far. Food Lion is only 3.5 miles away! Heck, I could run there! I’m not gonna lie. I am a bit nervous but I am so excited too! I have already worked about 6 hours just attending an evening Belonging meeting and doing all my computer based onboarding training. Every single person I have met is amazing! I met an 86 year old butcher that just loves to work. I met the sushi chef. I met some amazing (truly freaking amazing) teenagers. I met the deli team members. And the stockers! And the Food Lion To Go team!

I am in awe of every single person at our store!

I’ve scoped out a nice walking area in a fancy neighborhood right beside the store. I could come home for lunch but you know I don’t like wasting gas or a single minute of vitamin D and fresh air time.

I can’t wait to share my new adventures with you!

How about you? Are you team work remote or do you do better around people?

6 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. Hi Missy! CONGRATULATIONS! I am so proud you are venturing out in New territory! I do better around people. Last year u wanted to stay home. Mostly because of Nibbles, my Saint Bernard. I was grateful to have spent extra time with HER. But since we’ve been back in school, I find I thrive better in a school-structural setting. I would prefer to work 4 days a week, but im still recovering from the cancer. Good luck 👍 with your new adventure. My heart feels the same as yours….funny how our paths keep crossing in serious ways, but I have learned so much from you! THANKS FOR THAT!

    • Sending much love and hugs dear pink sister. I am really sorry it took cancer for us to connect but I am so happy to have you as such a good friend. You are such an amazing person. Big hugs about losing Nibbles. I think Lily was a therapy dog for me too. I miss her terribly.

  2. I’m so excited for you! You are an all around inspiration to me. Good luck and great success in your new adventure!

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