Cage Free Eggs

Very good day.  

I am so happy to report that I made my breakfast this morning for the third day this week.  Can I do it tomorrow and Friday?  We shall see!


PB sammie, banana, and a large cup of coffee in my travel mug!

I took my lunch today but a co-worker wanted to go to the Bennett cafeteria.  We got a free lunch!  All she did was ask for it and the lunch lady said YES!  I was too shy again to capture the lunch shots.  I’m sorry.  I’m just not ready for everyone I work with to know I have a healthy living blog.  I’ll tell them soon.

I had beans and greens and they were heavenly!  If I could learn how to make beans and greens like they did today, I could totally live on them for the rest of my life!  I also had some comfort food:  mac-and-cheese, slice of cheese pizza, and a brownie.  I would so gain the freshman 15 if I ate there every day.

I’m also so proud of my driving snack of a kiwi and water. 


Have you ever tried a kiwi with the skin on?  I used to peel them but there is no need to.  You can eat the whole thing except a tiny part on one end. 

When I got home, I had a Clif Bar and then proceeded to run 5 miles.  After only three days of focused fueling, I can tell a big difference.  My 5 were so easy!  I started at 6 mph and bumped it up to 6.2 then 6.3, 6.4, and my last mile was at 6.5.  That’s called running a negative split and from what I hear, very desirable in the running world.

Ok, so I’m not completely convinced if it was eating more food or watching Survivor that helped me run so well tonight.  I had forgotten that it was starting tonight and was so pleasantly surprised to see Boston Rob and Russell back in action.  Let me just say….that Phillip…..he was soooo weird!

Dinner was more leftovers.  I cannot confirm nor deny that I have now officially eaten ALL of my famous spinach enchiladas.


What?!  I thought Lyds and Ron liked them too! 

Dessert was frozen blueberries and yogurt.  Oh-my-word!  Sweet goodness!


A shout out to my sister Rosa and her husband William that have just become vegetarians.  Woohoo!  They are also going all organic and giving up milk.  They will be subbing rice, soy, or almond milk.  She did say they would still eat cheese and cage free eggs. 

I can’t afford to buy all organic but we do try to buy organic when it comes to the dirty dozen.


I haven’t been buying cage free eggs because they are so expensive but I’m considering it.  Does anyone know of someone who keeps egg laying hens that would like to sell eggs to me?

 Good Night Friends!

Budget Cuts and that’s no Red Bull!

Pumpkin Oats this morning.  When I open a can of pumpkin, I’m going to be the only one to eat it.  So… might be seeing these for a few more days.


Lunch was at DSM again and NO CAMERAS. (not even smart phones)  All I had was leftovers anyway so it wasn’t so exciting. 

Spinach enchiladas, rice-beans-Rotel mix, yogurt, and an apple.  Not so exciting but very filling and very healthy so exciting to me.

I drove the 1.5 hours home today with nothing but water and my audio book.  I wanted to stop once but I’m trying to kick the Red Bull habit.  Also, I’m needing to save money.  We’ve got a grandson on the way you know!

I had to go to a school budget brainstorming meeting tonight.  Our county is anticipating a huge shortfall this coming year and they wanted ideas from the community.  Many cuts and revenue generating ideas were tossed about.  It will be interesting to see what happens in August.

I had this quick dinner of a sweet potato with veggie baked beans and a vegan Boca burger on toast with pepperjack cheese.  That is spinach on the side that I put on the burger with the ketchup.


Ron’s cookies were for dessert.


I also had a few pieces of Lydia’s Valentine candy. 

I took a rest day from exercise and am still working on laundry.

Read Romans 8:28     It’s a good one!

Good Night Friends!

Cupit 365

Happy Valentine’s Everyone! 

Being a Cupit, I love all things hearts, chocolate, and flowery 365 days a year! 

I had hot oats in a jar this morning.


Mmm mmm good

Then for lunch I had a hummus and spinach sandwich, carrots, yogurt, and an apple.


A plate of millet, vegetarian baked beans and a Lemonade GS cookie was a snack.


Then just before heading to the gym, I had a Clif Bar.


Lydia worked out hard but I took it real easy.  I was hurting from my 20 miles yesterday.  I was supposed to rest today but Lyds really wanted to go to the gym.

I did 30 easy minutes on the elliptical and 30 easy minutes on the bike.  I think it loosened up my legs a bit so all is good. 

When we got home, this was dinner.


My famous spinach enchilada verde. 

Here’s a shot as I am assembling them.  So easy and delish!

I also made Ron some chocolate PB oatmeal no bake cookies for Valentine’s Day.

I kept a running total of my calories and protein today and I came up with 1408 and 55.5 respectively.  That was up until my spinach enchiladas.  I couldn’t begin to figure that out.  My calorie goal is 1885 plus 100 cals for every mile I run per day.  My protein goal is 55 -75 grams a day.  I think today was a much better volume of fuel. 

I’m hoping to fuel better for the next two weeks and see if my last 20 miler goes any better.  That 20 miles is scheduled for 2-26-11 and the marathon will be 3 weeks later on 3-20-11.

I can’t say I just want to finish the marathon this time.  I’ve done that already.  Now I have to have a real time goal.  I’d love to do something amazing and finish in 4:45 but truthfully, anything shy of 4:55 will be good with me.

Here’s a good RW quote from today:

“I’ve learned that finishing a marathon isn’t just an athletic achievement. It’s a state of mind; a state of mind that says anything is possible.”  John Hanc

Good Night Friends!

Silver and Gold

Sunday is becoming our waffle day.

 Lydia’s waffle maker is so cool.  I put yogurt, bananas, flax, and maple syrup on mine!

 Church was good.  It was a packed house because of Scout Sunday.  So proud of all the young boys and girls that were awarded their religious awards.

I ate a Clif Bar after church before my run


My 20 miler was great.  My fellow marathoner and good friend had done hers yesterday and gave me a pep talk after church.  She did hers in 3.5 hours.  WAY TO GO LISA!  I am so happy for you.

She told me to not go out too fast but I was feeling so good, I couldn’t hold back.  My first 5 were in 50 minutes and then next 5 were in 49 minutes.  The next 5 were a bit slower but still pretty good at about 59 minutes.  Then came the last 5.  I hit a wall.  I’ve never hit a wall before until today.  I totally wanted to quit.  But I kept on….  I thought a lot and I think I am not fueling properly.  Just think of what I had yesterday.  Oatmeal, millet, sweet potato, and zucchini.  I don’t think I’m getting enough calories to support this mileage.  What do you guys think?

Anyway…at 18.28 miles, a very old friend in the neighborhood stopped me and wanted to chat.  I haven’t talked to her in a very long time and we used to be pretty close.  Needless to say, we had a lot of catching up to do.  I bet we talked for 30 minutes or more in her driveway.  (I did pause my Garmin)  So good to see her again.

Then I started my Garmin and headed out for those last 2 miles.  I could barely move my legs at first.  (Note to self….do not stop and stand still for 30 minutes during a long run ever again.)

I finished with a total time of 3:50 and that was exactly like one of my 20 milers from last October.

I’ll take it.  I was hoping for 3:45 but at 3:50 on the nose, I’m happy.

After a quick HUGE smoothie of skim milk, choco protein powder, Yoplait fruit smoothie mixes, and two large handfuls of spinach and a super fast shower, I did what any friend would do. 


I had been invited to share a glass of wine with one of my very best friends that I’ve only know for a few years.  (I call her a new friend.)  We had a blast.  Talked over two wonderful glasses and had a great time.

Then I came home and made this pepper jack cheese melt with eggs and salsa for dinner.

Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other’s gold! 

Good Night Friends!


I have bangs again!  Halleluiah! 


I got a hair cut this morning and it made me feel so happy! 


I have to see about running tomorrow but I did do a boat load of laundry the afternoon.

Here was dinner:


Millet seasoned with Earth Balance and salt and peppa

Roasted Zucchini chips

and a sweet potato with cinnamon and Earth Balance

I am stuffed!  Very very yummy!

Andie teases me when I make millet because we used to give it to our cockatiel.  It is fattening for birds and should only be given as treats but for people it is a very healthy grain.

Blogging early because I’m heading back to the gym to see the awards ceremony for Lydia’s Winter Guard.

Night Friends.

PS…I’ll give you details on her competition and my run tomorrow

Orange and Black

Go Highlanders!  (my HS alma mater)

These orange and black oats reminded me of my HS colors of orange and black!

The mix-ins today were CRAZY!

1/2 cup Old Fashioned oats, 1/2 cup skim milk, 1/2 cup water, 1/2 mashed banana, 1/2 cup pumpkin, 1 TBSP flax seed, 1 tsp brown sugar, pinch of salt, and a couple of drops of vanilla.  Then on top was 1/2 sliced banana, a little more flax, a little coconut, and one large blob of Dark Chocolate Dreams PB. 

I skipped breakfast this morning for some unknown reason and this huge bowl of oats is both breakfast and lunch. 

Headed to Lydia’s first Winter Guard competition in a little while.

Go Cleveland!

Go Ron….It’s Your Birthday!

Guess who turned 54 today!

Happy Birthday Honey!

I cannot believe that I woke up in time to make oats! 

I was out of bananas so I stirred in blueberries.  So delish.

Today I worked in Greenville at DSM Pharmaceuticals.  They have a strict no cameras rule so I can’t show you my amazing cheese pizza and salad that I got from their company cafeteria.  Trust me though.  It was colorful and oh so tasty.

Here’s my snack for my 80 mile drive home.  (Yeah…no coffee or Red Bull)

Tonight, Lydia had a preview show for her Winter Guard.  They did amazing.  I was so proud of her. 

Here’s a pic of Lydia and her very good friend Kai. 

Their other good friend, Amber, got them the roses and stuffed animals.  Wasn’t that soooo sweet of her. 

We went to LaCocina for Ron’s birthday celebration.  I got one of their vegetarian specials.

We really had a great time.

Happy Birthday Ron!

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No moon driving.  It was all snow this morning.  Came down like crazy most of the way.  It didn’t stick on the interstate at all.  Thank goodness.

I zipped through Burger King and got a second cup of coffee and the usual.  However, I did add a chocolate, blueberry monster that I made ahead last night.  I always make huge portions and with my stomach ache last night, I could only drink half.  I just love my old Tupperware shaker!


Here’s the dusting that Bennett got.  So pretty.


Lunch was an orange, yogurt, veggie lasagna and veggies. 


I didn’t even try to drive home without a Red Bull!  Somehow I knew I’d need it.  These long days are really starting to get to me.


I’m pooped!

 Everyone had eaten when I got home so I just warmed up some more veggie lasagna and toast. 


Dessert was toast and chocolate PB.  Now this chocolate, I love!


I saw this quote today and thought I’d share.  “People always make time to do the things they really want to do.”  I have heard it before but it is so true!

Here’s one more that I like:  “Someone busier than you is running right now.”  old Nike ad

Night Friends!

Dumb and Dumber


Moon driving again this morning.  What a pretty start to my day. 

Managed to make this PB sammie, and banana for my 2 hour trek. 

I had that one cup of coffee while I was getting ready and then another on my drive.

Is my one cup promise slowing turning into my old habits of way too much caffeine?  I hope I can get it under control again soon.

I had to run an errand at lunch so I swung by Subway for this veggie sub and chips.  I added the orange and water from home.  That cookie just slipped in there some way.

So…do you all have that little yellow kitchen tool from Tupperware?  It is a lifesaver when you are peeling oranges.  All you do is run it down the sides a few times and then you have a place to begin peeling.  I have an orange colored one too and they are great.  I got them when I used to sell Tupperware in the early 90’s.

I tried to make it home without stopping but I couldn’t.  I pulled off at an exit that I hadn’t been to before and wouldn’t you know it!  A Target right there staring at me.  If I had slipped in the gas station I would have easily spent 4 bucks on a Red Bull and some other snack.  Target gave me that huge bag of popcorn and Cherry Coke for only a buck and a half. 

I ate most of that bag and loved my Cherry Coke!

When I got home, I visited a bit with Ron and Lydia who had already eaten.  Then I hit the treadmill for 5 miles.  The run wasn’t so bad but I tell you what….that popcorn was like lead in my stomach.  A very dumb idea.

I’ve done some dumb things over the year or so that I’ve been running and a huge serving of popcorn will go down as one of the dumbest. 

One of the other really dumb things I have done was the time I ran a long run with Coke in my water bottles instead of Gatorade.  I had heard that the sugar would give you an extra umph and thought I would give it a go.  Well….I didn’t let the Coke go flat first as I found out later that you needed to do.  It ended up spraying out of my bottle with all the jostling up and down and got all over me.  I was a sticky, sweaty mess.  And what was left that I drank made me so sick.  Never again.

Never again to popcorn too!

I tried to detox myself with this blueberry and spinach monster.  Have I told you how much I hate this chocolate protein powder!  YUCK!  I needed the protein so I did drink it but wowser!  I’m getting vanilla stat!

I had this simple Boca chick pattie with cheese, pickles, spinach, and ketchup for dinner.

Hitting the hay because I will be driving with the moon again tomorrow!

Oh…and my salad the other day was from Harris Teeter.  Love their free dragon cookies.  And my total business miles for January was 2,493.

Good Night Friends!

Cough be gone!

My cough is going away!  Hurray! 

I got to work at home today and I finally had a chance to catch up on my emails and reports.  Guess how many business miles I drove in January? 

For breakfast I had oats!


Today I did something a little different and added frozen blueberries and Kashi granola.  Yummo!

For lunch I didn’t have a lot to choose from but somehow ended up with an amazing meal.


Veggies with the last of some great BBQ sauce and a tofu, caramelized onions, and cheese broiled sandwich.  Oh my word!  It was out of this world!


I did have both halves of the sandwich.  They just wouldn’t fit on my plate together.

A mid-afternoon snack of a spoonful of PB satisfied my sweet tooth.

After finishing up work, I ran 7.58 miles.  I was shooting for 10 but I had to quit and run to the band room for a BPA commitment.  I didn’t let it bother me though.  I am remembering that I am just doing all that I can, when I can, and keeping it fun.

Dinner was yummy too.  I whipped up my veggie lasagna and served this wonderful soup on the side.


Even my asparagus hating husband devoured it.  He used the garlic bread and dipped it. 


Lydia ate hers but she took a drink of sweet tea afterwards and said she thought the combination of the asparagus and sweet tea was like dead fish. 

How can I ever get my family to love asparagus as much as I do?  It is the vegetable of kings!

Busy, busy, week ahead.

Good Night Friends!