Just add a handful of spinach

Here on A Handful of Spinach, you will see me drinking smoothies a lot.    When I first started running in the fall of 2009, I learned about green monsters.  I was making smoothies every day and almost every time, I would add a handful of spinach to whatever fruit and spice concoction I was was blending up.  I was making some pumpkin pancakes once for my daughter and my friend asked me if I planned on adding a handful of spinach to them.  I didn’t but the blog name was born.

Smoothies for me are a must after every long run.

Smoothies are my savior late at night when I just have to have something sweet.

Try’em out!  They are delicious!

You can also add a handful of spinach to almost anything else you are cooking.  Try these awesome spinach enchiladas verde.


3 thoughts on “Just add a handful of spinach

      • Thanks. My problem is that my hands are quite big and I often double recipes, so I don’t know how much spinach to buy when a recipe calls for a handful of spinach. However, a little extra probably couldn’t hurt!

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