Meet Melissa

Very pleased to meet you.  Welcome to my blog.  My name is Melissa, “Missy” to my family and oldest friends, and I am the writer of A Handful of Spinach.


I live in  North Carolina with my wonderful husband of 34 years, Ron.


This is our oldest daughter, Andie and her family.  They live in Illinois and have 3 children.  Mason, Daphne, and Daisy are the absolute delights of our lives!


This is our youngest daughter, Lydia and her family.


Lydia, Cam, and Harley live nearby in Garner, NC and I am so lucky that I get to see them often.  


We’ve always had dogs over the years but Lily is the only pup we have left.  She is 14 years old and is such a sweetie.  Her health is deteriorating and I know when we have to say goodbye, it is going to break my heart.  


Here on A Handful of Spinach, you will find many vegan dishes and cooking ideas along with my journeys as a marathoner and fitness lover and recent breast cancer survivor.   I’ll also share some of our hiking and camping adventures, minimalism efforts, and happy grand-parenting escapades.  All this as I humbly serve Jesus!

Welcome to my world!  Hope you like it here….

2 thoughts on “Meet Melissa

  1. Hi Melissa, love the story/pics of Chalet Suzanne. It was a walk down memory lane for me as my grandparents started working at the Chalet in 1950 (shortly before I was born in ’51). They continued working for Mrs. Hinshaw until the mid 60s so I spent many hours on site playing with the Hinshaw children, eating many wonderful meals and seeing visitors from all over the world come in. Fortunately as an adult I was able to visit several times over the years and was so sad when I heard the Chalet’s era was coming to end. Thanks for reminding me of good times!!!

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