The Day Times Changed

24 years ago, on the day Daylight Savings Time ended, Ron and I had our very first date.  Although I didn’t really know him that well at the time, I somehow knew that I needed to be ready an hour early.  Ron would not remember to “Fall Back.”

Just as I expected, he arrived at my Raleigh apartment a little before 9:30am for our 11:00am brunch reservations at Joel Lane’s Restaurant at the corner of Western and Avent Ferry.  We chit chatted a bit and then he mentioned that we needed to get a move on.  I politely explained that we had plenty of time.  He just smiled and smiled and was so impressed that I had taken the time to get ready early.

We were engaged one week to the day from our first date and exactly 4 months later, we were married.
What can I say?  It was the classic love at first sight!

In the early weeks of our engagement, Ron ran his first Old Reliable 10k.  I went along and cheered him on but we have only a couple of  pictures to document the occasion.  Here’s Ron at the Finish Line in 1987.

Times were different then.  There was no Facebook for me to post on and we had no cell phones that took pictures.  I was lucky to find this photo tonight and to be able to scan it.

As the years past, Ron continued to run the Old Reliable as well as many other 10k races.  Racing was different then.  10ks were all the rage and really only the very fast ran them.  I can’t believe it, but I actually ran one of the Old Reliables with him.  Neither of us can remember our times.  For some reason I want to say my time was 59 minutes and if that was true, Ron’s time was probably around 40-45 minutes.

Here I am holding Andie in the fall of 1991.   My Old Reliable shirt that I have on is from 1989.

Here Ron is again in another Old Reliable t-shirt with Andie and cousin Megan.

The News and Observer and the city of Raleigh stopped hosting the Old Reliable after a while and Ron stopped running as much.  Our lives changed as we brought each of our little girls home from Rex Hospital and as we settled into raising our family.

Here are a few cute pics of the girls that I found tonight.

Lydia at McDonalds.

And Andie and Lydia ice skating.

Fast forward 24 years later and I am the runner in the house.  Ron still runs and he is quite bitten by the racing bug again.  The City of Oaks Marathon and Half Marathon committee rallied to resurrect the Old Reliable and today Ron and I ran it together.

Here’s the “Old!”

And here’s the “Reliable.”

Just kidding!

Oh….and check out my awesome new running shirt.  I got it at the Expo on Friday night and I just love it.  So many people commented on my shirt today.

One time I had stopped for a short walking break and a spectator hollered,  “Go Strength!”  I quickly started running again and a big smile came across my face.    Check out to design your own shirt.

Our times today were only one minute apart:  1:13 and 1:14.  We had a blast.

Anyway, thanks for letting me share our love story.  Today has been WONDERFUL!

Goodnight Friends!