Maine to Gerogia

I have this:

and this:

and even a sprint one of these:

I have no desire at all for either of these:








At this time in my life anyway…



But I do want this:











Over the new year holiday, I talked to my sister, Rosa, about hiking the Appalachian Trail.  She is a very accomplished hiker that has logged over 500 miles of the AT.  She once had the goal of hiking the entire trail but she was doing it in pieces on her vacations and weekends off from work.

I think the all or nothing in me, you know, the marathoner, thinks that if I’m going to hike the AT, then I have to go all the way.  Why am I like that?  I was talking to Ron and asked him if he would like to be a “Through Hiker” when we retire and he immediately said yes!  Then almost in the same breath, he said that after a few weeks, we’d probably get tired of it and pull out.  I told him no way.  If I signed up to hike from Georgia to Maine, the only thing that could pull me off the trail was a true emergency.  They’d be no way in the world I’d quit.

I asked Rosa why she stopped hiking so much and she told me that her hiking buddy wasn’t able to hike with her anymore.  She did go on a few solo hikes but it was during one of these hikes alone that she just woke up one day and hiked out.  She had enough.  She mentioned to me that at first she kept a journal of her thoughts.  Then after a while all you end up thinking about is how far you are going, where’s your next water, where you are going to sleep, etc.  (Fun fact:  She liked sleeping in her tent the best.  She said the shelters had rats!)  All you’d think about after a while were the basics:  water, food, shelter, weather, and so on.

If you had six months free and no financial obligations, what would you do?  I like to dream that I can have that sticker.