Remedy for the Wednesday Night Blues

Tonight was date night!  Lydia was working at Bo Jangles so Ron and I slipped away to The Remedy Diner in downtown Raleigh.

It was SO good!

Ron’ started with a local IPA from The Aviator Brewery in Fuquay Varina.  We toured that brewery last year so Ron already knew he loved that one.


I tried this Ginger Ale.


Boy was it spicy!  We Googled Blenheim and learned that it is made on the grounds of the  famous South of The Border tourist attractions in Hamer, South Carolina.  I drank most of it but asked for a glass of water about half way through my meal.  Not sure why it is so spicy.  I guess it’s the ginger but it was more like jalapenos if you ask me.

I ordered the Eastern Carolina BBQ which was shredded vegan BBQ made from soy in a classic eastern NC vinegar based sauce and homemade cole-slaw.  They served it on a delicious Kaiser roll with kettle chips on the side.


Tasted just like real BBQ.  So delicious!

Ron mulled over the menu for the longest time but finally settled on his usual; the Veggie Reuben.  It was a marinated tempeh grilled on rye topped with avocado, sauerkraut, thousand island dressing, dill pickles and melted Swiss cheese.  He chose to add a side salad.


Ron loved it.  He gave me a taste and I concur that it was scrumptious.

Another Aviator arrived and I got this shot of the other side of his glass.


For my poison, I chose the vegan sopapilla cheesecake.


No earthly idea how they made this vegan.  It was heavenly!

The Remedy Diner is located at 137 E. Hargett Street just down from the Marbles Museum.  There was plenty of parking on the street and we enjoyed the short walk in this beautiful Fall night air.  They have foods for everyone and have many vegetarian and vegan entrée’s to choose from.  The pricing was moderate but next time we go, we’re taking cash.  You can earn a $20 gift card after you spend $100 and pay in cash.  I’ve heard that it helps small businesses if you pay in cash because the credit card processing fees are so high these days.


Night all!

Getting to bed early so I can get my run in BEFORE work tomorrow.