Run Happy

Tonight  I headed over to the best running store in all of Raleigh, Capital Run Walk.  It was their Thursday night social run.  The Brooks Run Happy Island Bus was there and they were giving away all sorts of prizes.


I won a t-shirt!


It’s a cotton one and I never run in cotton.  I do however love to wear them with jeans.


Superman and Batgirl were there.  I even ran along side of Superman for a while.  Smile

Brooks was offering a free gait analysis and even though I’ve had it done several times it was fun to try it out again.  I have very mild pronation and wouldn’t know it, the best shoe for me is exactly what I have.  The Brooks Ravenna!


These are the ones that I won last Christmas at the Capital Run Walk Ugly Christmas Sweater Run.  Oh and check out those new Lock Laces.  They are fabulous!  I’ll never go back to regular laces again.  Once you get them adjusted you’re all set.  So easy to slip your shoes on and off.  They stay at just the perfect tightness and you never have to worry about double knotting or worrying about your shoes coming untied.

They have the best raffles at CRW!  Tonight they gave away so many cool prizes and a whopping 4 pairs of shoes.  I wasn’t the big winner tonight but I still had a blast.

It was a lovely night and such a fun atmosphere.  So many runners.  I got to see my friend Jordan and I met some new friends, Mindy and Jessie.  Mindy gave me the name of some women who run in the mornings near where I work and I’m so excited.  I might have found some new weekday running partners.

Last night I ran up to the high school’s track and ran a mile as fast as I could.  Then I did an easy run home.  That’s 3 miles all total.  Tonight’s run was also 3 miles.  6 miles in 2 days and I feel great!  Tomorrow at lunch I’m planning on a hill workout and then Saturday I’m shooting to get in 5 or 6 miles.

Happy Running Friends!

Fun Runs!

Last Wednesday night I went to Fleet Feet Sports in Raleigh and participated in a fun run and then got to listen to Matt Frazier from No Meat Athlete.  It was so much fun and he even autographed his book for me.


Matt is a very inspiring person and I just love his blog.  I’ve been reading it for over 4 years and I take away a lot of ideas that he posts.  I love all the recipes but most of all, I love his tips.  Want to start a good habit?  Matt says to come up with a trigger.  For me I have always wanted to floss my teeth every night but I never could get disciplined enough to follow through for more than a week or so.  Now, my trigger is so ingrained in my head, I hardly ever miss.  Before I go to bed, I wash my face, take my vitamins, and brush and floss my teeth.  That’s my trigger.  I can’t take my vitamins without grabbing my floss too.

If you haven’t checked out, please do.  Its so good!

Getting back to the fun run at Fleet Feet,  I was a nervous wreck beforehand.  Ron wasn’t able to go with me and a friend of mine ended up having another commitment.  I had to go alone.  I didn’t want to miss Matt so I forced myself to go.  I was so scared.  Yes I’m 48 years old and yes I know runners are very friendly.  However, I am horrible in social settings!  I was very close to giving up and going home.  It was bad.

However, once I got in the store, I met Mia.  She smiled and we started talking right away.  Then she introduced me to her friend Jill and before you knew it I felt like I was part of the gang.  On our run I even ran alongside Matt for a little while.  How cool was that!?

Before the night was over, Mia and Jill invited me to The Ugly Sweater fun run at Capital Run Walk.  That run was tonight and boy oh boy was it fun!  My friend, Jordan, who I met when I volunteered at the City of Oaks marathon was there and she was with another friend.  Her friend ended up being someone that I ran Medoc with last year.  I ran with them and loved catching up on on their running adventures.

After the run there were refreshments and the star of the night, a huge raffle!  You got 10 tickets just for coming and participating in the Ugly Sweater fun run.  I didn’t have a sweater but I snagged this cute t-shirt from Wally World.

IMG_1020         IMG_1019

Not sure if was the lucky grandma shirt or my new running skirt that brought me luck but I won the raffle!


Can you believe that!  Brooks are my very favorite shoes and I needed a new pair desperately.

Just as we were all getting ready to head home, Mia started telling me about a glow run at Fleet Feet coming up next week.  Then Jill smiled and said that I might better not come after all.  I was too lucky on only my 2nd fun run ever and my first fun run with Capital Run Walk.  Smile

So what did I learn from all of this?  There really is something to Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote, “Do one thing every day that scares you.”  Look at all the happiness that has come my way just by sucking it up and walking in the door!

Happy Running Friends!

PS.  I forgot to mention that Whole Foods provided the refreshments at the No Meat Athlete run last week.  I hated almond butter!  I know it is so healthy and I have tried a couple of times to like it but I just couldn’t.  However, a very sweet Whole Foods person was serving us our choice of several different snacks.  One was some crackers and avocados, another were some nuts and something else, but the last one was dried apricots and almond butter.  I chose the latter and now I can report that I am a convert!  They are the bomb!  A perfect after run snack!

IMG_1014 IMG_1015


Is 11:00 too late for a snack?!  Yeah I think so too but now I’ve got to have some.  Kitchen pantry here I come.  Yummo!