CrossFit Fuel

I’ve been going to CF again and this time around things are so much different.  The classes are small and our coach gives us so much personal attention.  I love it!  Last week I was sooooo sore but I kept at it and by the weekend I was all better.  I got in 3 runs and 3 CF workouts for the week.

Tonight was CF again for me and since Ron was on vacation, he almost had dinner ready when I got in.  I was able to snap these shots as he was putting the finishing touches on the meal.

The star of the show was his homemade tortillas.  He has only been making them for a little while and I think he’s got the technique down.  He gave me one hot of the griddle as soon as I walked in and it was to die for.


He was making Heather Crosby’s Kale, Green Apple and Red Potato Quesadillas with Balsamic Reduction. We have been getting her meal plans lately. The one that he was making was very similar to this one.

Check out her site for the some awesome recipes.

Ron was so funny and he didn’t want to “waste” his balsamic vinegar so he refused to make the balsamic reduction.  We had this glaze on hand and he decided to use it.



Here’s how it looked as he constructed the masterpiece.

DSC_0002 DSC_0005

That was Granny Smith apple slices, roasted red potatoes, sautéed onions, and cheese.
We did use actual cheese but Heather’s cashew cheese is awesome. We were just out of cashews and had this cheese on hand.
We shared the first quesadilla. It was really good but something was missing!


The KALE! Ron forgot the kale.
On the 2nd quesadilla, he put it in and it made a big difference. So much more flavorful!

Go make a quesadilla and don’t forget your Kale!  🙂

Hope you are finding time for fitness during the holidays.  As my friend Roni says, its all about WYCWYC (What you can, when you can)

19 days away!

The City of Oaks Marathon is fast approaching.  Only 19 more days.  I can’t believe it!  I’ve really enjoyed training this go around but after this is all over, I’m switching gears.

I’m going to focus on speed instead of distance.

My good friend, Lisa, has got me started on an awesome Cross Fit cross training plan.  I start off with pull-ups which I’m doing a modified version of on Ron’s Total Gym.


This week I’m up to 15.  Next I do push-ups and I’m still doing them on my knees.  This week is 18 and they are by far the hardest thing I’m doing.  Then come the crunches, 45 and then I end with air squats, 30.  I do all of this and then rest for 2 minutes.  Then repeat 4 more times.  Tally all that up and you get a whopping 75 pull-ups, 90 push-ups, 225 crunches, and 150 air squats.  Three weeks ago when I started this I could barely walk after the first workout.  I was using muscles that had never seen the light of day before.  It got better and now I don’t get too sore anymore.  However, in that 5th set, I really start to shake.  Lisa swears by this and has seen an awesome speed improvement.

After the City of Oaks, I’m going to give up…dare I say it….INTERVALS.  They have been a lot of fun and I do swear by them to stay injury free.  However, for they next few months to a half year, I want to give just straight running another try.  Oh, I’ll still throw in a few walking breaks here and there, I’m just not going to do any set intervals.

This cart horse is dreaming of being a Thoroughbred!

You know…”In my dreams, I am a Kenyan.”   🙂

Night all!