Fall Eats

Since I’m injured (ITB trouble), I came home tonight and actually cooked.  It felt wonderful!

I’ve been cooking a little here and there but most week nights we just fend for ourselves.  Lydia has a 2nd job and now she works at BoJangles in the mornings and Target in the evenings.  Ron has been working a crazy amount of overtime.  So, fending for ourselves has just been what has worked for us lately.  I still cook one big meal on the weekend when Andie, Mason, and Jonathan come over.

Here’s a shot of some of my Farmer’s Market finds.


That okra over on the right has been outstanding this year.  I’ve gotten many batches over the last few weeks.  All I do is sauté’ it up with a little EVOO.  I’ve learned that the best okras are the small ones.  It’s about gone from the market though.  Sad smile

The apples have been superb!  The golden ones were Ginger Golds and they are right up there with my favorite Honey Crisps  in the middle.

The new squash is a variety I’ve never tried before tonight.  I saw this recipe on Healthy Tipping Point and was excited to have the time to make it tonight.


I was intrigued to learn that you do not have to peel this squash.  Here it is after 35 minutes in the oven.


The recipe called for shredded carrots and spinach but when I reached in the fridge to grab some, somebody had juiced them all!


That’s ok though.  I found some Steamfresh veggies and used those and they worked out very well.


That somebody that puts everything but the kitchen sink in his juice won’t touch squash so I kept it on the side so he would give the main dish a try.

This dish was so delicious.  I ended up cutting my squash up and mixing it in with the quinoa and other veggies.  It didn’t have very much of a taste all by itself.  The mixture was the best and I’m sure the honey mustard, honey, and coconut oil was what made it so good.  The recipe called for 3 tablespoons of the coconut oil put I only put 1.  The only mustard I had was a hot one and by mixing it with the honey it made the dish!  I’ll be getting some more of this mustard for sure!

Here’s one more recipe that is a Fall staple in our house.  Everyone loves it and it is my signature dish now.  My cornbread recipe comes straight from the side of the Tenda Bake bag.  I follow it exactly except I add a little sugar.



TVP Chili (Vegan)





·         1 cup TVP (textured vegetable protein)  You can use TVP from bulk bins at health food stores, Bob’s Red Mill packaged TVP, or Morning Star crumblers found in the frozen food aisle. (Or you can leave this out and substitute a can of chickpeas.  That’s the beauty of chili.  You can do what you’d like.)

·         1 cup of boiling water   (If you use the frozen crumblers, omit the boiling water.)

·         1 medium red onion

·         2 TBSP extra virgin olive oil

·         2 – 3 TBSP chili powder or to taste

·         1 TBSP cumin

·         Pinch of dry mustard

·         Dash of cayenne pepper or to taste

·         A few drops of Stevia or a little sugar

·         Black pepper to taste

·         Salt to taste

·         2 garlic cloves, crushed in garlic press

·         2 cans diced tomatoes with juice

·         1 can whole kernel corn with juice

·         2 cans of black beans rinsed

·         6 oz. tomato paste





·         Pour your boiling water over your 1 cup of TVP and set it aside while you are preparing your other ingredients.  Mix it around and fluff it with a fork to make sure all of it is submerged in water.

·         Dice onion and place in pot with the olive oil.  Press in your garlic.  Start sweating the onions and garlic on medium heat.

·         Add your now fully hydrated TVP to the pot and then all of your spices.  Let it cook for a minute or two.

·         Add in your tomatoes, corn, beans, and tomato paste.

·         Cover and let simmer on low-medium for 30-45 minutes.

·         Add more spices at this point if desired.


Have shredded vegan cheeses and hot sauces available for toppings.  Also serve with tortilla chips or cornbread.

Happy Eating Ya’ll!  Happy Fall!