Where ya headed?

This week I said goodbye to a faithful friend.  My sweet company owned Prius got “refreshed.”  137k was too much for the fleet company to handle.  137k is really young in Prius years so even though I didn’t end up buying her, I hope she goes on to make some other person very happy for many years to come.


I said goodbye to my OBX marathon sticker.

obx sticker

I said goodbye to my UNCW mom sticker.

back of Prius

No new stickers for me anymore.  My new company car (Ford Escape)  has logos all over it so if you know where I work, you’ll be able to spot me coming and going.

In all fairness though, I do love my new company car.  It has Siirus satellite radio and integrated Bluetooth technology.  So cool.  In my job as a floater, I often don’t really know where I’m headed each morning.  I could be driving to Fayetteville and get called back to Morrisville.  I might be half way to Jacksonville and get called to go to Cary.  You never know.  No worries though.  I love to drive and my new car is really neat.

I also said goodbye to another dear friend this week.  He was only 55 years young and had only battled cancer for 4 short months.  He died of lung cancer and never smoked a day in his life.  Crazy!  The good news is that he definitely knew where he was going.  My friend had a close, personal relationship with Jesus for as long as I knew him.  At his memorial service, all he wanted was for the pastors to tell everyone of the Good News in Jesus Christ and for people to make sure they know where they are going.

I might not know where my Escape will take me each day, but I definitely know where I’m ultimately headed.

I pray you do to.

Happy Sunday friends!