Today marked day one of my Spring Vacation and I’m spending every day right here at home.  Monday – Friday I’m taking care of this cutie and I’m so excited.

love it

But today, was a special day with this handsome dude!

Cary-20150418-00110 (1)

That’s Mason at our first stop of the day, Baker’s Dozen Donuts.  Grandpa won a free month of Tai Chi and Kung Fu from the Chinese Shao-Lin Center of Raleigh, and we went with him for moral support.  Baker’s Dozen and the Kung Fu studio are just around the corner from each other.  The head instructor at Shao-Lin is vegan and Ron won the free month at a raffle we attended at the showing of Cowspiracy the other week.  (I owe you a whole post about what I’m eating lately and a review of Cowspiracy.  I promise, I’ll get to it soon.)

But on to the rest of our awesome day.  I don’t have any more pictures because my phone died but we had a blast!  Next up was a haircut for Mason at JJ’s Kids Cuts.  We’ve been going to Ms. Maria for a long time now and we just love her.  Mason loves the cool kid chairs and that he gets to pick a tape to watch while Ms. Maria snips.  Today Mason chose Land Before Time.

Here’s a shot from 2 years ago.  I think this picture might have been from Mason’s first trip to JJ’s.

Mason haircut

After JJ’s, we were all getting hungry so we slipped over to Chipolte Mexican Grill right there in the same shopping area.   Ron and I both got the veggie burrito with brown rice, black beans, guacamole, and pico de gallo.  Those burritos were huge!  Mason got a cheese quesadilla and we all had fun pronouncing them the way Napoleon Dynamite’s grandma does. Smile

Next we were heading to White Deer Park to play on the playground but Grandpa remembered the the new Cabela’s  was open now and we just had to stop.  It was a zoo!  Literally!  So crowded but we had a lot of fun looking at the fish and all the taxidermied animals.  Mason loved them all except the bobcat and the lynx scared him a little.  (The animal lover in me was very sad to see all those beautiful animals that had been killed.)  We totally spoiled Mason big time and got him a new kite, some camo walkie talkies and binoculars, and a pop gun.  He was so excited!

Since we had been talking about White Deer Park and even though our day was plenty full enough, we couldn’t tell Mason no when he still wanted to go to the park.

We played about a half hour and then looked at yet another stuffed deer at the nature center.  Mason had a ball!

This grandma is plenty tired!  Tomorrow my plans after church are to clean the house really good in preparation of keeping Daphne next week and to get a good long run in.

Happy Happy Happy!