Eat and Run

This morning it was 20 degrees outside.

I’d say a perfect time for a run.  Smile

Good ole Garmin and Runmeter recorded my stats.  (both very close again today)


I was very, very happy with the results.  I did start to lose steam on the last few miles but overall it was a great run.

Here’s my splits:


You guys know that I spent all summer with my Galloway group, but did you know that I’ve spent 14 weeks this fall and winter with a small group from church?

Pastor Carley from Mt. Zion (my church) and her husband Pastor Eric from Sunrise and I are co-leaders for a wonderful running and fellowship group.


Here Carley and Eric are with Keith, aka the tall one.  Smile  Keith and Eric have both run marathons and Carley got hooked last year when she ran a half marathon.

We get together at 8:00am each Saturday morning and have a time of devotion and then we go over a running topic.  We’ve covered things like cross training, nutrition, how to prevent injuries, and the like.  After we close in prayer, we head off on our run.  We’ve run at many different locations but today’s was my very favorite.

It was an 11 miler on the American Tobacco Trail.  I was concentrating so hard on my run I forgot to snap a picture of the trail.

Click here to see how pretty it is.

Here are some more shots of our awesome group.


Sarah, Robin, Jill, Jason, and Jodi


April and me  Smile


LeAnn and Blair


Alisa and another shot of Eric

We have some more members but not everyone could make it today.  (We missed you guys!)  I hope to get a group shot of us in 2 weeks when we run the Myrtle Beach Half.  (Keith is running the full.)

It has been such a blessing to me to have this group.  Running with friends Rocks!

My husband, Ron, is in our group too but he was on call today and wasn’t able to travel too far away from his work phone and work truck.

Instead, he cranked out some treadmill miles and then whipped up another scrumptious vegan meal.

Here it is.  Quiche made without eggs or cheese.


Click here for the full recipe.

Dairy-Free Red Quinoa & Broccoli Quiche.  YummO!


The ingredients were broccoli, red peppers, quinoa, onions, garlic, cashews, salt, pepper, lemon juice, and the secret ingredient that held everything together, agar.


The recipe actually called for agar flakes or powder but we couldn’t find those.  I found this whole agar at the Grand Asian Market.

Here is what it looks like out of the wrapper.


You ask what agar is?  Well let me tell you.  It’s seaweed.  Smile

Or rather:

agar (gär, ägär)

A gelatinous material obtained from marine algae, especially seaweed, used as a medium for growing bacterial cultures in the laboratory and as a thickener and stabilizer in food products.


After that 11 miler today I ate almost half that quiche.

Ron made another quiche tonight but this time he put in mushrooms and some red pepper flakes.  Wowzer.  That one was very good too.

For our evening entertainment, Ron and I watched Vegucated on Netflix.  Very enlightening.

When I first started trying to get healthier back in 2009 I began enjoying so many different foods.  Everything I did was aimed at health.

Then I went through 10 months a a strict vegetarian.  Next came flexitarian.  Then vegan for 3 weeks. Now I’m back to mostly vegan but I did have Tilapia last night for dinner.

I really think my main focus is on health but I can’t deny my strong feelings for the horrors of how animals are treated.  And tonight what they showed about how fish are harvested made my skin crawl.

Don’t watch Vegucated if you are squeamish about a slaughter house.  It didn’t show that much at all and I still had my eyes buried in my knees and my fingers in my ears.

Oh well,  enough of that.  Let me close with a list of some items I never knew were vegan:

Teddy Grahams


Duncan Hines Creamy Home-Style Frosting

and my favorite peanut butter:  Peanut Butter & Co. White Chocolate Wonderful

Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday and a great week ahead.

Night Friends!

What GOD wants for Christmas parts 3, 4, and 5

I’m sorry that I left everyone hanging on the current sermon series at our church.  I enjoyed this series so much and I just have to finish sharing it.  You already know that GOD wants us to spread the message of Jesus and support the ministries that do.  You already know how I saved some of my “blow money” and got a goat for ZOE Ministries.  (I wasn’t able to get the chickens yet but I’m going to try to do that too sometime in January or February.)  You already know that Jesus wants us to heal human hurts.  I continue to struggle with my thoughts on this one and how I can go about it but I am praying daily. 

Here are the last three things that our pastor says will make awesome Christmas presents for Jesus:

Honor GOD in our hearts and homes. Continue reading

“What GOD wants for Christmas part II”

Many of you know how last week my pastor preached on what GOD wanted for Christmas and how I decided to give some of my “blow money” to purchase a goat.  Well today was part II in the sermon series and we learned that GOD wants us to help the hurting.  We learned that it’s simply not good enough to just feed the poor or clothe the needy.  We need to support the ministries that help the root cause of the situation.  Our pastor didn’t mention it but I immediately thought of the old saying about giving a man a fish feeds him for today but teaching him to fish feeds him for a lifetime.  We still need to give the “fish”, we just have to help in other ways as well.  I’m no theology student but this is what I took away from today’s lesson.

Today I have also been thinking about a story that I heard long ago in the movie, Charlie Wilson’s War. 

Gust Avrakotos: There’s a little boy and on his 14th birthday he gets a horse… and everybody in the village says, “how wonderful. The boy got a horse” And the Zen master says, “we’ll see.” Two years later, the boy falls off the horse, breaks his leg, and everyone in the village says, “How terrible.” And the Zen master says, “We’ll see.” Then, a war breaks out and all the young men have to go off and fight… except the boy can’t cause his legs all messed up. and everybody in the village says, “How wonderful.” Charlie Wilson: Now the Zen master says, “We’ll see.”

What if the good that I am trying to do causes a snowball of events and the good ends up being bad to someone?

Here’s an example:  Lydia had a fender bender today.  It was her second one in just a couple of weeks.  Everyone was fine and there was only minor damage to both cars.  Thank the LORD!  She has been complaining about the XL-7 that she drives and says that it is too big for her.  Andie drives a compact car and Ron has been begging her to switch with Lydia so that Mason will be safer.  I also think that the XL-7 will be a better fit for Andie and Mason.  I’m thinking that the Aerio will be a better car for Lydia.  We mentioned it to the girls again today and Andie agreed to give it a trial run.  She went back to Wilmington tonight in the XL-7 and she took a full size high chair that we had been keeping at our home for Mason.  With her large running stroller that she always keeps in her car, she would have never been able to fit that in the little Aerio.

But….what if something happens?  What if Andie is in a wreck becaue of the larger XL-7?  What if Lydia is in a wreck and it ends up being worse because of the small Aerio?

That’s just how my silly brain works.

I wrestled with it all day.

What I have decided is that all I can do is pray and pray often and long.  I must trust whatever GOD leads me to do.  And….I must not worry.  I can’t live my life with “what ifs.”

I’m going to try and run like crazy this week and hopefully shake this feeling of my head spinning.  I’m also going to try to journal my food and really stay accountable to the total calories.

Wishing everyone a peaceful week.  (Just like this vintage pic of Fred.)

Goodnight Friends!

What GOD wants for Christmas

Wow!  What a Spectacular Sunday I’ve had.  Hope you had a great one too!

The best news of the day was I got all the Christmas decorations up and all the boxes put back  in the shed.

Thank you so much to Lydia and neighbor, Brittany, for helping!

And…Lydia and Brittany did a tree for Lydia’s room too.  Isn’t it cute?

Woohoo!  Now I just get to sit back and enjoy it until New Year’s Day.  That’s the Cupit family tradition.  Everything out the weekend after Thanksgiving and then packed back up on New Year’s Day.  Love it!

In other good news, I ran another 33 minute 3 miler.  Tonight’s wasn’t as hard as it has been lately.  And, when I got back in, I even did an exercise video.  I looked for Jillian Michaels’, 30 Day Shred but I think I remember that Andie has it down in Wilmington.  So, Slim in Six it was.  The Start It Up workout is only 24 minutes long.  Being a long distance runner, I’ve gotten into the mentality that I can take anything for that short of an amount of time.  It was hard but doable.  I love that it has the countdown time clock on the side of the screen.  I peeked ahead and the next workout is the Ramp It Up workout and it is 47 minutes long.  That’s gonna be a little tougher.  There’s even a Burn It Up workout but I didn’t look ahead on that one so I have no idea what it’s going to be like.  My goal is to keep with it all through the holidays.

Here’s another of my new Bondi Bands.  Gotta love this one for all us slow runners out there.

Next on the good news front was Ron’s declaration to make every one of Mama Pea’s recipeas in the Peas and Thank You cookbook.     Hey, I’m all for it.  I’ll gladly clean the bathroom, vacuum, and do laundry while he cooks.

Here’s tonight’s entrée:  Pea Daddy’s Jambalaya

It was out of this world delicious!

For dessert, I whipped up another pumpkin pie monster.

My friends, that’s a 140 calorie jar of heaven you’re looking at.  If you haven’t tried it yet, please just do it.  All you do is take 1 cup of almond milk, ½ can of pumpkin, a couple of handfuls of ice, a sprinkle of ginger, a sprinkle of nutmeg, and a couple of sprinkles of cinnamon and then blend it up.  So indulgent.  So healthy.  So delicious.   (origianl inspiration for this monster here

Now to end with the best news of the day.

I attended my church, Mt. Zion United Methodist  , today and our pastor kicked off the “What GOD wants for Chirstmas” sermon series.  You see, GOD, doesn’t “need” anything and you might think that puts HIM in the impossible to get for gift category.  Not so.  He very clearly tells us what he wants.

“Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.  Anyone who believe and is baptized will be saved.  But anyone who refuses to believe will be condemned.”  Mark 16 15-16 (NLT)

Our pastor pointed out that not all of us can become missionaries in far away lands.  However, we all can pray for the gospel to go out.  We can give support to the ministries that share the good news. And we can carry the message of salvation with us wherever we go.

Our church challenged us to re-think Christmas with alternative giving opportunities.  You can choose from many different organizations.  Here are a few that you might consider:

Samaritan’s Purse

Gospel for Asia

World Vision


ZOE Ministry

Since Ron and I have been working on the Dave Ramsey program, we each have what we call our “blow money.”  We each have our envelopes of money that is all our own after we have set aside our giving and all our money that is going to work our debt snowball.  We can use our “blow money” any way we want and we don’t have to feel guilty about whatever we choose.  The only problem for me is that I do feel guilty.  I can’t believe all this “blow money” that I have been, well, blowing!

We have two more paychecks before Christmas and I have decided that I am going to use a portion of my “blow money” to buy a goat ($60) and 6 chickens ($10 ea) for ZOE ministry.  I am so excited I can hardly stand it.

What are you getting for JESUS this year?

Goodnight friends!