Myrtle Beach Half Marathon

Last weekend was the Myrtle Beach Half Marathon!  It was so much fun.  Us two love birds decided early on that we’d use this little Myrtle Beach getaway as a celebration.  Ron’s birthday was on the 11th and then of course you have Valentines on the 14th and then on the 25th of this month, Ron and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary.  Happy 25th Honey!!


Ron and I ran the race with our church small group. 


We trained for 16 weeks together and had a blast.  There were 22 of us altogether and of that 22, 19 were running their very first half marathon.  The ages ranged from 12 years old to 58.  I cannot tell you how much I love running with friends.  Every single time I run a race with a friend, I have so much more fun than if I run alone.

Here are a couple of more shots of the group.


(Angela, me, Sandy, and Priscilla)  All 3 of these lovely ladies were tackling their first half marathon.


(Robin, me, and April)  Robin first got into running last year with our Run for God 5k group.  She is a huge inspiration as she has gotten off all her COPD and asthma medications since she took up running.  April and I ran together at almost every Saturday group run.  She’s a bit faster than me and really helped motivate me to keep up.  We talked and talked and talked every Saturday morning and I’m going to miss running together so much.


This shot is of Jill and me at mile 10.  Jill and I ran together at Myrtle Beach and had so much fun.  We both were shooting for a sub 2:30 time and made our goal with 9 whole minutes to spare.  Woot!  Woot!  Way to go Jill!  That was an awesome 1st half marathon time.

Here’s a shot of the beach from our balcony.


And at night it almost looked like Las Vegas to me.


After the race on Saturday, we stayed a long time at the after race party.  There was plenty of good food and of course, Ron loved the IPAs.


Later on that night, we went to the House of Blues for the marathon party and dinner.  The food was pretty good but they ran out of IPAs.   When I handed Ron a Michelob Ultra, you should have seen the funny face he made.  It was hilarious!  So funny that my beer loving man will not drink an American lager. 

The most fun thing to me though was while Ron was enjoying his beer after the race, I slipped into the massage tent. 


10-15 minute massages were complimentary and man oh man was it awesome.  See that move that the therapist has on the person in the yellow shirt?  Well, my guy did this same move but once he got my knee up in the air, he did this shake kind of thing that really hit all the right spots.  I’ve only had a massage one time in my life other than this quick one.  I’ve got to budget some money in for more of them.  A full hour massage after a race would be pure heaven.

Next up for me is the Tobacco Road Half Marathon here in my neck of the woods.  The medal looks killer and I have to admit, that’s what made me sign up. 


The ATT sits on an abandoned railroad corridor that has been preserved for recreational use.  That’s the significance of the train on the medal. 

25 days and counting.  Let the new training begin.  Smile

I’ve got this idea that if I can lose 20 pounds, maybe I can shave 20 minutes off my half marathon time.  Now I know I can’t lose 20 pounds in 25 days but maybe I can lose 6 or so.  And if I keep at it, maybe I can run a sub 2:00 hour half before 2013 comes to a close. 

Night friends!


Eat and Run

This morning it was 20 degrees outside.

I’d say a perfect time for a run.  Smile

Good ole Garmin and Runmeter recorded my stats.  (both very close again today)


I was very, very happy with the results.  I did start to lose steam on the last few miles but overall it was a great run.

Here’s my splits:


You guys know that I spent all summer with my Galloway group, but did you know that I’ve spent 14 weeks this fall and winter with a small group from church?

Pastor Carley from Mt. Zion (my church) and her husband Pastor Eric from Sunrise and I are co-leaders for a wonderful running and fellowship group.


Here Carley and Eric are with Keith, aka the tall one.  Smile  Keith and Eric have both run marathons and Carley got hooked last year when she ran a half marathon.

We get together at 8:00am each Saturday morning and have a time of devotion and then we go over a running topic.  We’ve covered things like cross training, nutrition, how to prevent injuries, and the like.  After we close in prayer, we head off on our run.  We’ve run at many different locations but today’s was my very favorite.

It was an 11 miler on the American Tobacco Trail.  I was concentrating so hard on my run I forgot to snap a picture of the trail.

Click here to see how pretty it is.

Here are some more shots of our awesome group.


Sarah, Robin, Jill, Jason, and Jodi


April and me  Smile


LeAnn and Blair


Alisa and another shot of Eric

We have some more members but not everyone could make it today.  (We missed you guys!)  I hope to get a group shot of us in 2 weeks when we run the Myrtle Beach Half.  (Keith is running the full.)

It has been such a blessing to me to have this group.  Running with friends Rocks!

My husband, Ron, is in our group too but he was on call today and wasn’t able to travel too far away from his work phone and work truck.

Instead, he cranked out some treadmill miles and then whipped up another scrumptious vegan meal.

Here it is.  Quiche made without eggs or cheese.


Click here for the full recipe.

Dairy-Free Red Quinoa & Broccoli Quiche.  YummO!


The ingredients were broccoli, red peppers, quinoa, onions, garlic, cashews, salt, pepper, lemon juice, and the secret ingredient that held everything together, agar.


The recipe actually called for agar flakes or powder but we couldn’t find those.  I found this whole agar at the Grand Asian Market.

Here is what it looks like out of the wrapper.


You ask what agar is?  Well let me tell you.  It’s seaweed.  Smile

Or rather:

agar (gär, ägär)

A gelatinous material obtained from marine algae, especially seaweed, used as a medium for growing bacterial cultures in the laboratory and as a thickener and stabilizer in food products.


After that 11 miler today I ate almost half that quiche.

Ron made another quiche tonight but this time he put in mushrooms and some red pepper flakes.  Wowzer.  That one was very good too.

For our evening entertainment, Ron and I watched Vegucated on Netflix.  Very enlightening.

When I first started trying to get healthier back in 2009 I began enjoying so many different foods.  Everything I did was aimed at health.

Then I went through 10 months a a strict vegetarian.  Next came flexitarian.  Then vegan for 3 weeks. Now I’m back to mostly vegan but I did have Tilapia last night for dinner.

I really think my main focus is on health but I can’t deny my strong feelings for the horrors of how animals are treated.  And tonight what they showed about how fish are harvested made my skin crawl.

Don’t watch Vegucated if you are squeamish about a slaughter house.  It didn’t show that much at all and I still had my eyes buried in my knees and my fingers in my ears.

Oh well,  enough of that.  Let me close with a list of some items I never knew were vegan:

Teddy Grahams


Duncan Hines Creamy Home-Style Frosting

and my favorite peanut butter:  Peanut Butter & Co. White Chocolate Wonderful

Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday and a great week ahead.

Night Friends!