The Lucky One

the lucky one

Today is Ron’s birthday.

I won’t mention the fact that this year he will be sporting double 5’s in his age.  5 is my lucky number and even though it is his birthday, I’m the lucky one.

Ron always is quick to help Andie with any computer or technical issue.  And, he spent hours putting together all her furniture when she and Mason moved to Wilmington last August.

He even changes Mason’s diapers and only gets them on backwards occasionally.

And as for Lydia, even when he is exhausted from working an overnight shift, he won’t close an eyelid on the weekend until she is safe at home.

Ron pooper scoops the backyard all the time for all 3 of our dogs and never once complains.

Kitty loves Ron best and loves to snuggle up beside him when he relaxes on the front porch.

Ron overlooks my many mistakes and never brings them back up to me in impatience.  Even with my recent $5,000 mistake concerning Lydia’s Honda.  Who knew you should buy an extended warranty with a used car when offered one?

So on this special day, I’m baking him a pineapple upside down cake and printing this post out for him.  Goodness knows he’d never read it otherwise.  He’s just not into Facebook and blogs.  Pawn Stars is more up his ally.

Anyway, I hope he knows how lucky I feel to be his wife of almost 24 years.  (only 2 weeks until our anniversary!)

Happy Birthday Honey!