Terrific Tuesday

Just a quick update before bed:

Runmeter did much better today.

runmeter vs garmin

Practically spot on.  I do enjoy it so maybe if I can get a few more accurate runs under my belt with it, I’ll trust it more.

The weather here in NC was simply spectacular today.  High was near 75 degrees.  Crazy that we were just in an ice storm last Friday.  I was so lucky that my work schedule allowed me to get my run in outside in that fabulous weather.  I was happy with my run.  I felt really good the whole way.

Tomorrow is cross training day I promise.

Now on to dinner.

104_6095 (2)

Check out this Ginormous salad!  It contained red onions, red peppers, zucchini,  yellow squash, mixed greens, a few pecans, avocado, and was topped with the most delicious salad dressing you could imagine.  Ron spent a good amount of time on it but the work was so worth it in the end.  Creamy, soy and dairy free Ranch Dressing.  Delicious!  Be sure to click the link and see all the directions for the dressing.   The good news is we have a lot left.  I’ve got some ready for lunch for tomorrow and  we are using this dressing on a chickpea wrap we are having tomorrow night.

I read a really interesting article today and I was happy to see their definition of a vegan.  “Vegans and those who avoid animal products (even part of the day, or part of the week)”  That’s me.  I love eating all the veggies but I don’t like the guilt I feel when I have some fish or if I happen to eat something with an egg in it.

Night Friends!

Prep Work

After church today, Ron and I spent a little time in the kitchen preparing some of our food for the upcoming week.

Good news is, we worked well together and didn’t fight.  My mother always said to me that if you can work together in a kitchen then you’ve got a good chance to stay together.  Now, I can’t say  we’ve always worked well in the kitchen.  But today we did.  We were humming right along just like Harrison Ford and Melanie Griffith did in the closing scene of Working Girl.  (I couldn’t find the the scene I’m talking about but I do hope you remember it.  It was so cute.)

We made some awesome granola.




We got those 4 servings that we stored in the glass bowls.  I also put 3 servings in baggies.  That left about a 1/2 serving and I had to eat that.  It was so good.  The part that you bake had pumpkin seeds, raw almonds, flax seed, shredded coconut, rolled oats, vanilla extract, coconut oil, sea salt, and maple syrup.  The recipe called for grade B maple syrup and all we had was grade A.  Ron reasoned that grade A had to be better.  I looked it up on Google and it seems to me that they both are about the same.  The B has less sugar and is supposed to have more flavor.  I bet grade B is more expensive and grade A is already about 6 times the price the normal syrups that we used for years.

After it baked, you add the dried blueberries and dried cherries.  This is going to be delicious in the morning with ice cold almond milk over it.

Next we made some pancakes.

104_6076  104_6077

104_6078    104_6081

When Ron and I taste tested one he said he bet it tasted like a peanut butter cookie.  (They have almond butter in them.)

He was right.  These are so dense.  The reason we made another breakfast item is because YU said the pancakes make great snacks and I was concerned that we would need some.

Our last item we cooked up was the cauliflower chowder.


It has some Dinosaur Kale in it as well as the cauliflower and some red peppers.  YU suggested that you add some quinoa or buckwheat.  Ron cooked both.

Here’s the buckwheat.


And the quinoa.


We ended up stirring in the buckwheat and saved the quinoa for another dish later in the week or for breakfast.

That buckwheat really made it a very filling chowder.  Ron and I had a serving tonight and we put 4 large servings in the fridge for later.

I got a good run in today but Runmeter is still not working properly.  I downloaded the updates and they helped a little but the distance was all over the place today.  It had me at a 7 and 8 minute pace at times and we all know I’m no where near that fast.  I’m going to give it a couple of more chances but I’m really thinking I’ve wasted 5 bucks.

At church today we had some special music and the duet sang a beautiful old hymn.  I loved it.  This YouTube is one of Alan Jackson performing it.   I do hope you find a blessing.  I know I did today.  The part where it says sinner come home made me cry.

Have a great week everyone.

Plant Powerful

Ron and I went to my favorite restaurant tonight:  The Remedy Diner in downtown Raleigh.  I just love that place.

Our choices were all vegan with the exception of the cheese on the Greek salad.


Oh my goodness.  This salad was just what I was craving tonight.  We told the waiter that we were sharing and he split it up for us before he brought it out.  I just love it when they go that extra mile and do that for you.

Next came our entrees.  I chose the Philly Fake Steak.


I asked for it on gluten free bread instead of the hoagie.  That made it a bit messy to eat but boy was it good.

Ron got the Tempeh Tantrum.

photo 1

This sandwich was the winner of the PETA’s Top 5 Vegan Sandwiches in the USA.  Pretty cool huh.  It consisted of marinated tempeh, homemade vegan pesto mayo, vegan bacon, avocado, and lettuce.  The bread was toasted Sourdough.

I ended up cutting my Philly in half and gave it to Ron so he could give me half of his.  I loved my Philly but I must say that Tempeh Tantrum was pretty darn good.  When I bit into it, I could have sworn I was eating a BLT (minus the T) with the creamiest, tastiest mayo you could imagine.  Loved it!

I left my chips and opted for Remedy’s famous coconut cream pie.


Don’t let those 2 forks fool you.  Ron was drinking Aviator beer on tap and when he does that he has no interest in sweets.  I ate the WHOLE thing.  It was delicious.  Don’t quote me on it but I think it is vegan too.

Our next stop was Whole Foods.

I was just introduced to YumUniverse by my good friend Rebecca.  It’s a website devoted to a Plant Powerful diet.  I’m not saying I’m going vegan again.  I’m not even saying I’m giving up salmon and tilapia on Friday nights.  I’m just saying I do feel much better when I eat mostly plants.  YumUniverse is also big into being gluten free.  I tried to go wheatless for a few weeks before Christmas and I failed miserably.  It is very hard not eating wheat.  I think it’s harder for me to go without wheat than is is dairy.  However, the evidence is mounting up on the benefits of a gluten free diet so I’m going to give it another go.

YumUniverse is having a 30 day challenge beginning Feb. 1st.  Ron and I were too excited about it to wait.  We shopped tonight and got almost everything on the shopping list YU provided in our starter kit.


(Please excuse the sloppy panoramic picture.  I tried to do it right but my camera stitched my 2 shots together a little off center.)  You get the idea though.  Lots and lots of really great fruits and veggies.

Take a look a our wonderful kale!


The darker one in the back is called Dinosaur Kale and it’s grown organically in Asheville, NC.  The kale in the front is the regular curly one that we eat and juice all the time.


There were 7 lemons on the shopping list.  I haven’t looked ahead to know what in the world we will do with those.


We got some oregano, dill, and chives there in the front.  I really hope to grow some fresh herbs myself soon.  That little thing behind the red onion is a shallot.  For some reason I was thinking a shallot was more like a leek.  I looked everywhere for it.  Ron knew immediately and found it by the garlic.


Some of these items are gluten free oat flour, hulled hemp seed, and the pricey Madagascar vanilla in the front.


All those brown bags in the back with the numbers on them are from the bulk bins.  We got things like shredded coconut, cannellini beans, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, and raw cashews there.


One of this week’s recipes calls for dried blueberries.  A nice sales girl named CJ helped us find them and since they were a little expensive and we hadn’t tried them, she marked on the back “Sample.”  I was so impressed with her customer service!


Free Dried Blueberries!  Smile  Woohoo!

Here’s a couple more shots of our loot.


Gotta admit.  The Bone Suckin’ Sauce was not on the list but I’m addicted to it.


We are having quiche one day.  No idea how we are going to make it without eggs or cheese.


Ron’s one splurge was a growler of Green Man beer.


I really am not a big beer drinker but I love Green Man!  I think it’s because the brewery is so nice.

When we got to the register, Ron and I were trying to guess how much we spent.  I guessed $200.  Ron said it would be more like $300.  We were both so happy when it only came to $150!  And, some of the items will last and last.  I told Ron that my Bone Suckin’ Sauce is not to be used to bathe in.  (He loves it too.)  We won’t have to buy vanilla or that gluten free oat flour for a while.

I’ll post some pictures and link to the recipes this week as we make our meals.

Oh, and one last thing.  I spent $4.99 on the new Runmeter App.

104_6066 (2)

It is supposed to be the most advanced iPhone app for running, cycling, etc.  It worked really good for me while I was running and I think it was dead on accurate.  I ran my normal neighborhood route and I know I went 6 miles.  The 1:15 was probably correct too.  Ron was running near me and his Garmin recorded a similar time.  The only problem was that it’s supposed to automatically post your run to Dailymile and to FB if you want it to.  It did, but it posted that I ran only 5 miles in one hour.  I’ve got to do some reading up on this to see if I can figure out where the error was.

I’ll do a full review soon.  But so far…..Runmeter is not worth $4.99.  Sad smile

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday.  I’m running again after church tomorrow and then it’s all housework and cooking for me.

Night all!


(Like my new haircut?  It is super short!)