Chopped Salads

I’ve recently gotten hooked on Subway chopped salads.  I bet I ate there at least 5 times in less than a month.  I had to stop it.  It was getting dangerous.

The Subway artist would take a large white plastic bowl and start adding the things that I asked for.  Spinach, a little lettuce, black olives, yellow peppers, cucumbers, bell peppers, and mushrooms were often my choices. Then I’d ask for salt, pepper, and oregano and a small amount of Chipolte Southwest dressing.  Once they had it all in the bowl they take a chopper like pictured below and chop away.  It was delicious and oh so easy to eat.

download (1)

When I knew I had to stop going into Subway so much I first thought I try to find a 2 blade chopper.  I did look at Target and Walmart but I couldn’t find one.  Then I got the idea to use my Pampered Chef cucumber slicer.  It worked pretty well but I couldn’t quite capture how Subway did it.

Lastly, I got the idea to try my food processor.  This has proved to be the secret.  I’ve recreated my Subway salads over and over.  Ron is doing it too.  We love it!  It only takes a second and since it is just lettuce it cleans up in a snap.  I love the salads so much I don’t even mind cleaning the food processor.

My food processor has a 11 cup bowl so friends, that is a whole lot of greens!

Here’s some shots of how it all comes together.  Today’s salad has half and half spring mix, carrots, lentils, shitake mushrooms, yellow peppers, salt, pepper, oregano, and salsa.  Other than chopping, the oregano and the low calorie salsa dressing is the secret.











Find a way to go chop up a big ‘ole salad and sprinkle on the oregano.