6 chilly, sunset miles

5 yoga poses

4 favorite runner’s stretches

3 parts to my healthy green smoothie:  banana, Vega protein powder, almond milk.

2 many sweet potato chips consumed!

1 happy, stress free, servant of the LORD ready to take on the week


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Here are some great yoga poses for runners.   I focused on these five this evening:  butterfly, wide angle forward fold, cow-face fold, child’s pose, and leg up the wall.

Here’s a great video with runner’s stretches.  I focused on the calf, ITB, inner thigh, and hip flexor.

Oh, and all Ron does for these awesome sweet potato chips is slice them really thin in the food processor, deep fry them, and then sprinkle on salt and rosemary.  They are way too good!

Happy Sunday Everyone!  Hope you all have a great week.