Day of Rest….sort of

It’s a very chilly, drab, sort of day here in the heart of Carolina. 

Fred is just lazing around.

Lydia got up very early today and has a full day of band activities ahead of her.  I was up too and I packed her an awesome lunch.  I hope she likes the speacial Goldfish shaped bread that I got for her sandwich. 

I’ve chosen to stay home today.  I’ve been super busy with work and all the traveling I’ve done lately and with running.  I’m feeling super guilty for not volunteering for band today but I just have got to step back a bit.  Next Saturday I’ll be volunteering, so hopefully it will all even out in the end.

Today, I needed a day of rest. 

To get my rest day started, I whipped up this “apple pie oatmeal” that I found on   ohsheglows.  Click here for the recipe:

It was wonderful!  After my first taste, I added a bit of coconut for some added sweetness to counteract the tartness of the Granny Smith apples.  The walnuts were yummy too.

Now to continue on my day of rest, I’m finishing up about a million loads of laundry, cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming, and mopping.  I’m also headed to the dump and the recycling station.

Might do a Total Gym workout for like the second time in the over 15 years that Ron has owned it.  Ron will be so shocked!

Happy Saturday Friends!